Doesn’t matter you are a businessman or planning to start your personal blog. Without proper knowledge and tips you can’t get success in this challenging market. I’m sharing 10 tips that can make your new blog successful. You can read the full blogging guide here that helps you to make your blog noticeable and successful.

1) You should start a blog on your desired topic; if you decide not to, you will always face a problem of content.

2) You should start with 10 offline blog posts and check how you are performing. If you find a problem to write sufficient content on that subject, then you should try to write on a variety of topics that fit your niche. You should do some careful research; search some other blogs on that subject and check what others are writing. Don’t copy anything, just generate ideas.

3) Select a reliable blogging platform. For a successful and simple blogging platform, I prefer WordPress, as it is the best platform for blogging.

4) Do not start a blog that has just one or two posts. Try to make a minimum of 10 posts on the launching of the blog. A blog that has a good amount of content always creates a good impression.

5) Content matters a lot for a successful blog. Check for spelling and grammatical errors manually, before making it live on the blog. High-quality content brings natural links, so it is always advised to write properly. If you are not good at writing, then hire a writer. Pay someone who writes well.

6) Another step is to add feeds. Use feed burner and get running your feeds. You can check on the left sidebar on WordPress.

7) Try some top blog websites. It is a wonderful method to show the whole world how famous your blog is. It even brings some favorable traffic.

8) Advertise your blog with social bookmarking. To begin with, you can join Facebook, Twitter and some other. It is a best way that can show your current post to so many people. There are some more where you can share your post and these are Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, etc.

9) If you want to make your blog famous, you should frequently visit your targeted niche blogs, even you can subscribe to some blogs. Any time you see a new blog post, carefully read it and make a comment. Never post spam comments; you should try to leave a real, genuine comment that gets approved. Some targeted blogs are offering no-follow comments and some are offering do-follow. But keep in mind the no-follow is just for Google and that Yahoo and MSN are available for a search. This important step can assist you in getting many targeted visitors apart from the popularity of a link.

10) You can try to post on a daily basis; if you do not post content regularly then you might lose your regular readers and subscribers. You should make blogging a passion for you, it will help you become more successful online.