This list was sourced from a potently horrid day I experienced in the cube last week. It was so trying, my mind drifted to happy thoughts.

  1. Naps. Epically long, drawn out, mouth-hanging-open-slobbering, naps.
  2. Reading a book from cover to cover, and actually absorbing it.
  3. Giving up business casual for cargo pants and flip flops (for you Christine).
  4. Never having to open another passive-aggressive email from a coworker who spreads a hissy fit by cc’ing my bosses, yet is a yellow coward when I suggested meeting in person to discuss the issue like adults.

  5. Doing yoga every morning. At least an hour and a half worth.

  6. Witnessing a magnificent sunrise or sunset daily.
  7. Writing in the dead of the night if the fancy strikes me.
  8. Eating whatever and whenever, not to a set schedule.
  9. Noticing the day evaporating, but feeling relaxed, full of ideas and satisfied.
  10. Working with only one person –  me.
  11. Boarding a bus where not one word of English is spoken. Sweet silence in the mind and music to the ears.

  12. Laughing more than stressing or crying.
  13. Going for a walk in fresh air, instead of 10 yards to the lunch room inhaling recycled air and being physically trapped by sealed glass.
  14. Listening to my ipod for pleasure when usually it’s plugged in to drown out extraneous office noise.
  15. Being asked, “What do you want to do today?” over “Can’t you get this done now??”

    (Far more appealing than a meeting.)

All photos under Creative Commons.