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Gypsy Bits and Bytes

I'm nursing a serious headache tonight. Everyday a new thread is woven into my travel tapestry. My brain is exploding with constant ideas as each one arrives. While some of this is old news to a few of you, much of it are newfound discoveries to me. I decided to pull a few bits and [...]

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Gypsy Wednesday – iPhone Love

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I'll strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond. One night my girlfriend pulled out a Christmas gift to herself - an iPhone.  She began showing me the functionality, flipping through apps, talking excitedly. Meh - I was unmoved. A cell phone is a mobile [...]

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Why Haiti Matters

I've been remiss in not reporting anything about Haiti. My boss reminded me acutely the other day. "A bunch of structural engineers might head down there to assess if buildings are safe for occupancy." "Oh, are you going?" "I would.. but.. I'm not worried about crumbling buildings falling on me, I'm more worried about the [...]

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Decluttering Update

I am elated to announce the loft bed sold! Here is the beast: You have no idea, the trials I went through. Ad after ad, a fleeting promise when someone came to view it. Toying with me. "Oh, it's perfect. I love the wood. It's a twin right?" Sister, the ad said double! Don't you read [...]

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10 Reasons Why I Suck As a Travel Girlfriend

There could be good reason why I'm single. I always pick nonsensical, dangerous destinations where you could be decapitated or kidnapped for ransom. I snore. So loud you'll open your eyes expecting a 300 pound truck driver next to you. It's ten times worse when I'm inebriated. I'll always make you taste a dish first, [...]

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Panic Attack

Some days I court the dark waters of panic. Last night was a doozy. This might crash and burn. Back to the cubicle. What if monetizing my site is a fool's errand? Sure I've been previously published (not paid), played with writing since teenage-hood. Frack - what if nobody hires me??!! I could be too [...]

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