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Gypsy Wednesday – Swan Song or New Start for You?

Since I began full-time traveling nearly 4 months ago, I've had to accept the ebb and flow of life. Gypsy Wednesday has been a blast for the past 9 months, without it I wouldn't have met Keith Savage, Colin Burns, Colin Wright, and Christine Ka’aloa. Without it I wouldn't have been able to express my [...]

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Social Media, Too Familiar?

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Perhaps Delhi isn't what you anticipated. It's triple the assault of rancid smells and malicious touts. Simply too much city. It's time to go, accept, and move on. Could be you're in the same position as me. Torn between a quick trip to New York City or devoting [...]

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Gypsy Wednesday – Yoga + Travel

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond. Travel is an exertion in mental and physical limits. I've caught some recent articles about the benefits of yoga, particularly how it can be incorporated with travel. The fashionable yoga set purchase yoga paws or reversible [...]

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How To: Live Like a Nomad in Your Own Country

If you haven't heard by now I kicked off my round-the-world trip in June, which isn't special in itself. What is strange was the decision to travel in my own country instead of opting for a full blown escape overseas. Most travelers stretch their budgets by leaving their homeland, so where do I get the [...]

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Worst Washroom of the Week

Navigating the stairs of washroom doom? Not a sound idea... Montreal, Quebec

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Toronto Subway vs Montreal Metro – A Comparison

If you're a Canadian, two major cities on everyone's lips are Toronto and Montreal. The two most populated cities in Canada boast extensive train systems, and yours truly had to navigate both on a daily basis. So, how do the two stack up? Access Toronto: While in Toronto, I stayed in two fairly densely populated [...]

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