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Journey to New York & Whirlwind Week

After leaving Longus snorting.. er.. sleeping happily away at 5:30 am, I stumbled out of my room to grab a cab back to Bangor's bus station. The next leg of my overland journey would total 11 hours of bus time. My call to the front desk the night before was a small victory after losing [...]

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What Your Big Sister Never Told You About Travel

Today's guest post is by Jessalyn Pinneo of Diary of a Wandering Student. More and more, young women are tossing away fear and taking up the challenge of overseas travel. Many are doing this alone. It's something I eagerly applaud, but young women need more than encouragement. What's absent is the honest advice that your [...]

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Flight Risk in Bangor

The Acadian bus pulled out of New Brunswick in the twilight of afternoon with a small crew of people. The only passenger I noticed was a hefty, black fella in saggy jeans snoring heartily beside me. His head was swathed in a dark bandana of skulls. Oh my, some kind of badass on the premises. [...]

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Twas the Best Night in Halifax…

Twas the best night in Halifax, when all through the pub I met Candice and Cailin after catching some grub. The streets were on route to a Saturday night party, While conversation and drinks proved deliciously hearty. Halifax was originally an Acadian village; Till the English arrived bringing pain and some pillage. In time it [...]

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Nomadic or Static, What’s Better?

Today's guest post is by Chris Backe of Chris in South Korea. He examines the pros and cons of moving constantly versus staying put. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is always two viewpoints to the equation. As usual, I love your opinions in the comments, so sound off! As an expat [...]

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Gypsy Bits and Bytes

Goodness, haven't done one of these since May. Here I am. With some site news and articles or people to pay attention to. Bits and Bytes Even though I've embarked on my trip, a dose of inspiration never hurts. Fist pumps go to Caz and Craig's post I'm Not Afraid to Take a Stand For My [...]

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