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Corporate Runaway Turns Mother Theresa in India

“Taking off your shoes means the gods are smiling on you, “ said Prakesh. I had trouble with that. Not the god part, the shoes. The infamous shoes It’s customary to remove your shoes when entering a home or shop in Maharashtra. It’s customary to do the equivalent when entering someone’s abode in [...]

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Wooing or Expulsion, the India Version

My first impressions of Mumbai were the smells. Pools of urine. Dung. Rotting fruit. Enticing sandalwood clinging heavily to a sari as its owner swept past me, her slim hips swaying timidly against gold threading and pomegranate fabric. Even dust had a scent. Choking and harsh, clinging to the throat for hours on end. Flora [...]

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Mumbai Says Hi

My perilous journey from Mumbai to the site of my volunteer work, Savarsai. The rules of the road? There are none. And scenes of Mumbai. Mind blowing to say the least. A wonder I survived, but here I am with more tidbits to come!

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Passports With Purpose & Win a Pair of Keen Shoes!

You might ask -  why care? Why should it matter what happens to a group of people halfway across the world from you? When it's more vital to concentrate on your own family's needs. To keep afloat after the 2008 economic crash. It matters because what happens in an unseen, far away land affects us all. The [...]

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TBEX – Romantic Backdrops and the Cirkus

Networking. Every industry does it. Hobnobbing was far from my mind when brisk cold seeped through my sweater. Central Station in Copenhagen deposited me in its arteries at 9 am. A Wednesday -- hump day -- as North Americans fondly refer to it. There were far from humps here though. First off, the Copenhagen airport [...]

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Internet Killed the Travel Star

Today's guest post is by Shawn Stafford of rerunaround. Shawn fondly remembers the unblemished, frontier days of exploration -- before Internet or Facebook existed. He challenges us to ask if 'journey' in the post-technology world is only confirmation or actual discovery. You kids listen up while I ramble on about what it was like traveling [...]

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