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A Year of Dreams

Cynicism is easy; dreams are hard. Stephen Colbert once said cynicism is self-imposed blindness. It’s effortless to sit in an armchair and lob stinging barbs at the world, call oneself satisfied, cloak fear and hurt in the folds of wisdom. We suffocate inklings of faraway adventures or new selves, leaving such idleness to children, holding [...]

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Christmas at Child Haven

After Santa made an exclusive, VIP appearance, the festivities got started on the evening of December 24th. Child Haven’s tradition is to decorate the towering “evergreen” tree and place candles underneath it at midnight. This year we did it a little earlier. Prakesh handing out candles Waiting with our candles [...]

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Find a Hotel with Hotel Calculator

I usually book accommodations through CouchSurfing or Hostel Bookers, so when I was asked to review a site called Hotel Calculator I was delighted. See, my plan is to book a semi-swanky hotel after volunteering, treat myself to a few nights of pampering and an intense body scrubbing. Trust, I will need it. Hotel Calculator is [...]

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Christmas Came Early to India!

With so many religions swimming around India like Hinduism, Muslim and Buddhism one could assume Christianity is a small percentage. Wrong! In fact, there are 24 million Christians in India and it is the third largest religion here. At Child Haven, all the children's religions are respected and Christmas Day is celebrated with fanfare. Thanks [...]

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Welcome, Auntie Jeannie

You might have a singular vision of volunteer work overseas. Some sanctimonious fantasy that you are going to swoop in with your Western ideals of equality and love for all God’s children. And gosh darnit, I’m going to be the one who will affect change, bring hope. That’s what I believed. At first. In truth, [...]

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Secret Photos of India Police Station!

Strange as it may seem, I had to pay for a 1 year employment visa to volunteer with Child Haven. Any foreigner with said visa must register at a designated office within 14 days of arrival or you could be detained when leaving India. Most major cities have special registration offices, but since my location [...]

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