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The Future Picassos of India

India is teeming with art. Creativity is effortlessly encouraged in schools and even in the home I volunteer with. Everyday it confronts me from intricately carved Ganesh statues to kolams or delicate line drawings. Below are some samples of work done by the children. I plan to stow a stack in my backpack and devote [...]

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Republic Day Means Freedom

A fog permeated in my brain. Eyes half shut scanned my Timex. 6 am. Not my usual wake-up call, but instead of groaning bones and muttering complaints I only felt excited. Today is Republic Day across India. Although Mother India gained independence from nasty Britain in 1947, it wasn’t until January 26, 1950 that a [...]

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How to Eat Bareback in India

When eating in India, it's customary to use your right hand. No prized cutlery from wedding of the year will grace your plate; you would be lucky to even receive a rusty spoon. What is the fuss with right versus left? The left hand is considered unclean, used for washing yourself after a toilet trip, [...]

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What Does a Volunteer Room Look Like?

If you're thinking of volunteering overseas or am ghoulishly curious, take a glance at my 3 month residence in India. Besides nightly visits from dinosaur size bugs, rats running across the roof and dangling spiders, everything is peachy!

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