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7 Ways to Survive India as a Solo Girl

India mimics the rhythms of the ocean. At times, it’s benign, lapping gentle waves at your feet, tickling your toes. Then there are the trying moments, a violent storm that slams your body, jarring nerves to the brink when you drop any social veneer and gulp heaps of utter shock. Friends warned me. I prepared [...]

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When Sickness Makes You Weak Minded

I've been offline pretty much all week not because of good times and tequila shots. That should be the case. I'm in Baga Beach staying in a 3-bedroom villa and was psyched about hanging with Christine Gilbert. Instead of playing with her son Cole, I'm battling my second bout of traveler's diarrhea after narrowly recovering [...]

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A Love Affair Ends

Dear Volunteering, Alas, all things have a natural end. I’m sorry it had to come to this, but our time is over. It’s a myth that love affairs are riddled with happiness. Sometimes, you nearly made me cry. On the good days, you had me grinning ear to ear. Despite our rocky time together, I’ll [...]

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What I Do All Day

When you’re volunteering overseas it’s the opposite of pleasure travel. I eat the food given to me, sit on freezing concrete and pace my time according to a schedule. Since I’m working at a home for children, everything centers around them. Wake up call is 5:30 or 6:00 am Yeah, fantastically early. Even in my [...]

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What Works, What Doesn’t: Feline Mishaps and Acne Explosions

In this edition, where should you hang your silky boxers? And preventing blindness can be a pain in the retina. What Works 1.  Fucidin Cream My cute little cat scratched my face so severely once I had to visit the doctor. He literally gasped upon seeing my disfigured face. When I mentioned using Polysporin on [...]

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Coconut Chutney – Indian Holy Grail

It's no secret that I am violently in love with coconut, so when my volunteer host, Kavita presented me with homemade chutney at dinner one evening, I nearly fainted with joy. Is coconut better than sex? A close second. Chutneys are used as an accompaniment to the main meal. They can be wet or dry, [...]

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