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When You’re Down, Someone Will Rescue You

I’m going to die here. Perish in a steamy room that smells like an open sewer, in a city planned by schizophrenics, in a hotel where the only scenery next door is a junkyard for defunct cars. I opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling fan whirring above. I survived SARS in Vietnam. I emerged [...]

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Cultural Idiocy – Water 101 in India

Water is water, correct? Think again. Water protocol can vary from country to country. Find out India's methodology: If you want to view this video on YouTube, or watch other Nomadic Chick videos, access my channel directly.

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The Taj, Agra Fort and Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday, a significant one, too. I've never actually revealed my age on this site, mainly because it pains me to be pigeonholed. I do act stupidly young or stupid at times; why not leave the age question blank? March 21, 2011, marks a turning point in my life. Ready? This chick just [...]

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Holi is About People, Not Place

Holi started with an invitation and ended with a laugh. I knew there was something special about Viral and Nupur when I observed them on the train to Agra. At first, they fooled me -- he wore western clothes, a typical t-shirt and pants that an avid hiker might choose. Her salwar sung with earth tones, an [...]

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Avoiding Scams at an Indian Railway Station

I sailed into Delhi two days ago to finally escape my Goa misery, and ended up sharing a pasable room in Pahar Ganji, across from the New Delhi Railway Station. Delhi swelled with Holi madness as female foreigners got doused with plastic bag water balloons yesterday. For some reason, many were aimed at my arse. Dirty [...]

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Traveler’s Bad Luck in 5 Easy Steps

#1 Sickness The tally: two bouts of traveler's diarrhea, one crater on my arm, pestilent boils on the back of my neck and face. When you own a travel website the worst thing you could do is rant about it zoned out on antibiotics. Oh wait, it's me and that's what I do. #2 Theft Do [...]

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