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When You Bleed, You Think About Life

Facing Truths “How long has this been going on?” I couldn’t see the doctor from my position, on my back, as light pierced my eyes. The only visible shape was the outline of her body, a white aura bleeding around her face. Just a disembodied voice tinged with disapproval. “Six days.” I lied. Maybe I [...]

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I’m in Love… With My Guesthouse

I didn't know what to expect when the rickshaw dropped me off in the old town of Udaipur. Reviews said Mewargarh Palace is decent and boast fair and accommodating owners. See, after so many couches, Murphy Beds, and unwashed sheets I've become cynical. As though nothing could possibly please me now. I stood outside the [...]

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Rajasthan – Jewel of India

When the train lurches, propelling itself from the platform in Delhi, leaving behind the dense, smoggy air and the concrete monoliths that are brimming with families, that familiar tug of motion bubbles. A nugget of knowledge that you are onwards somewhere new, saddling uncharted waters. The volume of traffic and decibels of honking is a [...]

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Inception and Being Awake

This is how I feel today: Stressed. So much of my time was shot in India because of that staph monkey on my back. How do I maximize the rest in two weeks?! Scared.  About the future. I absolutely do not want to return to my old life. Next steps are returning to Canada for [...]

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The Perils of the Solo Female Traveler

Lately, people keep drilling me about India. Is there dysentery, floating ashes, dust or monsoons that could drown a buffalo? Well, all of the above. Mostly, though, there are men. Lots of them. I liken my luck to three things, which somehow leads me to some interesting situations. Yesterday I boarded a train from Delhi, [...]

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This is Why I Love Travel

Just met an amazing South African woman who is involved in education and community development. She’s helping disadvantaged women who normally work as domestic help in the townships by jump starting cottage industries in honey producing and crafts that sell in Switzerland. Her and her husband are buying a property to live in and want [...]

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