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5 Places I Like to Eat in Vancouver

I am old. An imperfectly carved, ancient relic. It dawned on me I've lived in Vancouver just over 10 years, much longer on this earth. Which is why you should listen to me on where to eat. Respect your elders. 1.  The Reef - Carribbean I sometimes get my island fix at Riddim and Spice [...]

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India, You Own Me

The moment I breathed in muggy air, felt my skin prickle from the heat as I exited Mumbai's International terminal, was an awakening. I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience. Friends or newly formed acquaintances ask me, how was India? My voice dies. Lips unable to speak. A simple set of words [...]

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Osaka Fizzles Teriyaki Style

I don't know about you, but I like my sake warm. Icy sake leaves me thinking of a cold eel pulled from the water, squirming, chilling the palm of my hand. Warm sake slides down the throat effortlessly, warming the centre of your belly. Kind of like laughter. Today, Sally Thelen is my sake. Please [...]

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El Amor and Travel

One important lesson I've learned this past year is that affection can materialize in many forms. You could be passionate about animals and nature. Fall in and out of love with humans in a swift stroke. Once in a while, another kind of love will envelope your senses, leaving you hungering for more. Diana Edelman [...]

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That Thing Called Fear

Maybe it’s because of my diminutive stature, people ask me frequently about fear and traveling alone. In our present, scattered and politically shifting world, fear is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. There’s that stab of fresh fear about revenge terrorism after the demise of Osama. American citizens are on high alert, which has introduced [...]

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When Love Rode Up in Finland

When I read this story Finlandia Vodka came to mind. In a rocks glass, two fingers worth, mixed with soda and cranberry juice. Then, ice. Three to four cubes. It's a complete drink to accompany Shawna Enns' tale of love found and lost in the brisk environs of Finland. Please enjoy today’s story from Summer [...]

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