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Quick London Sweep: Journey to Pamplona

To move again has been a blessing and curse. I boarded my Aeroflot flight on Monday morning from the vacuum of China into a ghoulish, alien world where everyone speaks English and most faces are Caucasian. Not one soul who resembles me any longer? Tells me I’m stunning? The real world sucks. I realized being stationary was good medicine for the soul, but brutal on my adventurous side. Ultimately it’s been productive to spread my wings again. Fire my nerves and absorb new scenes. London was a quick jaunt, fast and furious. I passed through three time zones and was wobbly with jet lag hell. Everything was foggy, I never knew where I was half the time and was highly suggestible under alcohol. No matter, I still got up to a few things. Discovering that Frenchmen like to sleep on the floor of the Moscow airport. I nearly joined them. Using my Oyster card again at the tube. […]

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And Suddenly I Left China: Journey to Pamplona

The orange orb with russet edges burned and flared in the sky, sinking to the earth and melting to liquid gold, to be re-smelt for the next day and the day after that. To be reborn. My lids slid close, my body congealed into a boneless, tired mass – clinging to the seat . The plane encased us all, a mausoleum to a new time zone, an untrampled place. I twisted, moaned and turned into that black space that is sleep. Of lively pantomimes, ghostly faces, echoing laughter and technicolor scenes so sharp, I can rub them between my fingers – in dreams. In the kaldesicope of my subconscious, a feeling, maybe even a tingling of knowing prodded me. My eyes unsealed to a Moscow morning, to the green and glorious. A clear, open slate. To journeys. Big and small. Aesthetic and ascetic. To flux. The thrill. […]

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Vayama and I: In the Skies to Europe

I don’t know about you, but the range of choices to book flights is never ending. Sometimes overwhelming. I’ve used them all. Kayak, Momondo, FlightFox and Expedia. On this site, I try to bring to light services that have benefited me as I hop the globe. While those other booking sites get plenty of press, today I’d like to introduce a site that you may not know about. Vayama. Vayama is a relatively young company, only four years old, but is fast becoming prevalent in offering a range of airlines and prices to suit anyone’s budget. Flying is not my first choice of transportation, but in order to cross continents it has to be done. For me, I’d rather it be a painless experience than a complete hassle. Vayama is an easy tool to use. Hot dang! Type in your parameters in the search window: […]

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Chicks Conquering the World: OT Surf

I humbly apologize for missing last month. But hey, I think this segment is timely. Today is the first day of the summer solstice and International Surfing Day. A day to be aware of preserving our oceans, embracing our relationship to nature and spirituality… and wearing sexy bikinis that won’t fall off as you catch that surf break. Having the same dread swimming or snorkeling, there have been numerous times I feared losing my dignity and my bikini. Christy Woodrow of OT Surf hopes to change that through an inventive design and her love of the environment, by manufacturing at the local level. Q: Big concepts at play here: surfing and your love of the environment, how does that translate into creating a swimsuit line for women? A: Living in San Diego and traveling often to surf in warm water waves means that I spend a lot of time in a bikini. I started to notice that I was spending tons of money and energy trying to find a swimsuit that didn’t cause me to moon the entire beach. After trying many different bikinis that didn’t fit the bill, I came up with an idea, so we set out to learn how to turn our idea into a product. Q: What materials did you source to create the product? A: We use a nylon/spandex material, swimwear lining and of course, elastic. It’s not all about the materials though, it’s important how the bikinis are constructed. We use a combination of stretchy and non-stretchy materials to create a balance between comfortable and secure. […]

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Sneak Peek at Boutique Hostel in London

Do you ever feel awkward? Slightly out of place? Well, I do, because after viewing photographs of a hostel that HostelBookers has coordinated for next Monday I am now squirming. […]

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I Think You’re Completely Nuts! For Running with the Bulls

Loco.  Unhinged. Insanity. That seemed to be the theme of my interview with Hannah Murray on Travel Talk. If you don’t recall, Talk Radio Europe interviewed me last Friday on live radio. They are the largest English language radio station in Spain and somehow caught wind of my scheme to run with the bulls this July. She asked some thoughtful questions from what would possess me to to do this, to calling me crazy and claiming admiration for me in the same breath. I also offer some tips on where to run on the course if you’re a beginner. […]

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