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On Being an Inspiration

Here I am, inspiring the masses I now call myself the email dumpster. Everyday I get emails from Honolulu Homes wanting to sell me time-share condos or Annoying PR person telling me I’m privileged to get the chance to interview a Beverly Hills, plastic surgery wonder, turned author. I thank the ‘delete’ button constantly, but once in a while I actually receive an email of substance, for example on September 17th, these precious words lightened my mood and the bunions on my aching, flat feet:  From Jennifer: “Hey, I just spent an hour or so reading your blog. I just wanted to says thanks for sharing your experiences, and I will definitely be reading more.  It’s been really empowering and helpful to see a woman be nomadic. I would like to get out and experience the world more, so it feels good to know that women especially can do it, and safely, and solo.” Not sure how I feel about being referred to as ‘hey’, but she clearly likes me. Amiright? This email seems to culminate with last month. See, I decided to do a numerology reading with an experienced numerologist recommended by a trusted friend. Yeah, you know, mumbo jumbo, the power of numbers, the full meaning of your birthdate and then some. […]

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Honoring the Dead: Sedlec Ossuary

Of all the experiences I wanted to take part in while visiting the Czech Republic, it had to be the Sedlec Ossuary (or Kostnice). Known to macabre seekers as the ‘Bone Church’, it’s a basement chapel in the Cemetery Church of All Saints. Worldwide it’s known for an unusual way of  honoring the dead – over 40,000 (some literature says 70,000) skeletons are artistically fashioned to adorn the interior of the chapel.  On full display. It can leave one rippling with shivers – even wondering how a single man’s imagination could drum up such visions. When it comes to sacred ground, it seems there are no limits. Window near entrance Sedlec is actually the name of a suburb in the small town of Kutná Hora. While it remains a tight knit population at about 20,000 citizens, it’s daily numbers can swell significantly due to the popularity of Sedlec Ossuary. Many recommend staying in the capital and making Sedlec Ossuary a day trip, but I was told by some insiders that staying in Kutná Hora overnight is worth consideration. Apparently both ends of town boast some beautiful architecture in Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. They are a sight to be seen at night as well. […]

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Skydiving in Prague

Most people who visit Prague are interested in the immense history of this charming city. Enthralled with structures like this: Which is understandable and holds my interest as well. Once in a while I seek out something different. When I found out a company called Sky Service offered tandem skydiving jumps, that inner voice told me to do it. Sometimes we simply have goals that we want to accomplish and I knew leaving this earth without skydiving just once would rack me with regret in old age. Nobody’s sole employment in old age should be regret. I wanted to know what it feels like to jump out of an airplane. […]

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Short Term Accommodation in Pamplona

Did you know a reclusive, Swedish publisher has rented out Ernest Hemingway’s room at Hotel la Perla during the San Fermin fiesta until he’s a hundred years old? That is commitment. I hope he reaches that goal. So are many others when it comes to San Fermin. I’ve been asked time and again what the best method is for accommodation if attendance to a major festival is on your list of things to do before you die. Just last week I met a backpacker in Paris who decided to partake in the wild times at Pamplona and he ended up paying €50 per night. That’s because he went on a last minute whim. Don’t do that. Not with San Fermin. Many dedicated attenders plan a year in advance, I was unlucky to prepare six months in advance. We engaged in a partnership with Roomorama for a flat in the historic old town and with trepidation, I wondered how it might play out. San Fermin is a boisterous, intense experience, so I worried about the noise and the smells and the safety factors. Our cute, little flat was located near Calle Santo Domingo, by the old town walls, so we had a pleasant view. […]

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