Your Questions Answered

Ever since Facebook introduced email contact through fanpages, I’ve received a ton of them. Maybe you sympathize or despise my popularity, but what I normally do is delete these pesky messages. Typically it’s a spammer or some aggressive business demanding I ‘like’ their page. Thank god for that delete button. About a week ago a woman named Andrea contacted me, asking some general travel questions. She’s starting to plan her own journey and was seeking advice. I usually pay attention to these messages and answer them privately, hoping to help ease concerns. Then a eureka moment sounded off in my head. I decided that answering her questions directly on the blog might also help others. I’m not so advanced in this field that I believe questions of this nature are stupid. No question is stupid and it’s best to remember that at one time, I was an Andrea. I had a wide range of questions and concerns, from safety issues to packing efficiently. The unknown of what a country can bring, plagues us along with the logistics. It’s only human. So Andrea, this is for you! […]