I’ve been so buried in my own dramas that an important date passed by me – June 6th.

Three years ago on June 6th, I closed my eyes and without a harness to pull me back, I left Canada — where I had called home for 20+ years.

I navigated blindly at first, encountering prickly problems, caressing soft, inviting places, often stumbling, yet magically ending somewhere with my feet firmly planted.

Wind-swept change. It became welded to my exoskeleton, the kind of comfortable seat one could slid onto, not feeling the sting of it.

Change can be difficult, but on June 6th, 2010, I hugged the idea that I was ready for anything — held it tightly to me and didn’t let it go.

Sure, I’ve made errors. At times sinking into dark pits of loneliness or questioning all that I gave up to live as I do.

I’ve been to 25 countries (not nearly enough!), with more on the horizon. Eaten 3,276 exotic meals. Flown on over 50 airplanes. And lived full-time in one country.

Like a survivor after a plane crash, the lucky one to thrive and continue, I stand in the wake of the last three years and ponder what’s next.

I’m Staying in China (For Now)

A few months ago, I posted a serious question on my fanpage — where should I go next? I had three ideas circulating in my brain. One was to stay here and start a new job teaching English to airline pilots. The second was to finally explore more of Latin America, starting with Nicaragua, and the third was to live in Indonesia for a few months. My last teaching experience was pretty awful, one I may choose to write about in detail later on. It was a number of factors that involved poor management, an indifferent student body and lack of support from other teachers. When something turns sour, this means I should split. I’ve decided to stay, happily fleeing the previous quagmire. I just started teaching conversational English to these airline pilots and it’s been intriguing. I’m baffled that even across three continents, pilots are kind of the same everywhere. I teach a set of intelligent, young men who are also full of testosterone. One uttered that his favorite magazine is Playboy. Naturally. So, why stay?? You’ll find out more as you read.

Rocking the Taj on my birthday  in 2010

Rocking the Taj on my birthday in 2010

Major Site Redesign

Oh yes, it’s been three years of the same old Nomadic Chick. Maybe you love the design and a large part of me does also. So many readers feel the current look perfectly reflects me, but lately my mantra has been about moving forward. With motion, comes shedding old skin and I’m excited to reveal what my designer and I cook up. Rebirth is inevitable. Please have patience if the site exhibits schizophrenic behavior while fresh sap is drawn from the tree of creativity for the spanking new Nomadic Chick.

Slurpees in Vancouver 2011

Slurpees in Vancouver – 2011

I’m Writing a Book!

Writing a complete book is a painful and rewarding process. For those seeking the same pains, I’ll be posting tidbits on writing, self-publishing and reveal excerpts until the launch. Pregnancies last nine months, but writing a book is an immaculate conception — sort of an endless vortex, interspersed with joy and bouts of fear. I can hint now that the synopsis is not a how-to book.

To stay in China means I can live here economically, not worry about rent (as most schools cover this for you) and still have free time to work on my projects.

Basking at San Fermin 2012

Basking at San Fermin in 2012

Where I’m Going Next (For Real)

After all the false alarms, moaning about where to land next, there are future destinations in the works. Malaysia is one of them and after that, I’m aiming to see what I can of Asia. Definitely living in Indonesia is in the forecast, possibly making that a temporary base while I explore unfamiliar territory. Squeeze eyes shut and point on a map. Ooh, the thrill at my fingertips again.

Sunkissed in Sanya 2013

Sunkissed in Sanya – 2013

3 Years And…

There have been numerous ups and downs, even financial stress these past three years. This lifestyle will never make me monetarily rich, but as I grasp at possibilities, feel them thrum and pulse in my palm, a strong sense of richness envelopes my body, working its warmth into my heart. What I hope is to continue weaving the tapestry of my world and share all that I discover with you. Everything — the untouchable beauty , the ugliness and even the shitty.

Here’s to another three years! Break open the champagne for chrissakes.