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North versus South: Which Pole to Visit First?

Explorers have been drawn to the ends of the earth for centuries. And like many brave adventurers before us, we’ve decided that the icy lands of the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic are irresistibly calling. We are Agness and Cez of eTramping Travel Blog and we are going to one of the poles at the beginning of 2018! […]

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Outdoor Activities: Cardiff Versus Bristol

Cardiff and Bristol are two very similar sized British cities located 44 miles apart, either side of the River Severn. Bristol’s reputation as a key merchant trading centre reached a peak during the height of the British Empire, when Cardiff was little more than a village.  But following huge investment over the last 30 years, the Welsh capital of Cardiff is expected to sustain a population rise of 26% by 2034. The rivalry of the two cities is most apparent during football derbies between the two cities, where it’s fair to say there has been little love lost through the last few decades. More recently, both cities have become booming tourist destinations, each attracting thousands of visitors each year.  Cardiff Bay has a stunning marina, while Bristol’s Harbourside redevelopment has revitalised the entire city centre. […]

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Rebirth with Wildhearted Photographer Ashlie Woods

Before I sat down to write this post, I mused on the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, wondering if that could possibly apply here. It’s true that you haven’t seen my voice on here in over six months. Tumbling upon the shore of Playa del Carmen was not an accident, there was a clear intention of slowing down the crazy train of travel I was riding on, yet what I didn’t anticipate was a bonafide breakdown aka, a spiritual awakening (a term popularized by Brené Brown). It began in the spring of 2015, when I was faced with a depression so fierce, I escaped to remote Xcalak, with only a dog and the stars for solace. As time whittled away there, I felt stronger and stronger to finally face civilization again. […]

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How to Make the Most Out of Playa del Carmen

So I’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for a while now and have had the chance to witness different ways of enjoying this growing city. It obviously depends on the length of time you have to play with. I chose a different route than others, but very happy to talk about the various options out there. […]

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Bali for Solo Female Travelers

I’m writing this post for me. Well, and for you, too. While I’ve seen a fair amount of Asia, Bali is still a mystery to me. One I hope to conquer early next year. Indonesia reminds me of the Philippines. Like the Philippines, Indonesia is composed of thousands of islands. 14,000 to be exact. For safe and fun travel, I think Indonesia ranks up there as fairly easy to navigate for solo female travelers. It feels like you can walk around without having to clutch your bag every two seconds, and relax into each travel day. But at the same time, you’re treated to the crazy, refreshing drum beat of Indonesian culture. A solo gal can handle this! In anticipation of visiting Bali, here’s my bucket list for when I venture there sooner, rather than later: […]

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Hipmunk Hotels: Why You Should Take a Swiss Vacation This Winter

You know I love Switzerland. I was there in 2014 and had the time of my life, enjoying the picturesque nature and one of the most breathtaking train rides. There’s so much to explore in this magical country that I can’t just select one place. So, let’s cover a few: […]

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