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Hungry in Mexico? Try These Regional Favorites

I hate to admit my dislike of any country, because truth is every country has pluses and minuses. But after sampling cuisine in countries like Panama and Nicaragua, Mexican food rises above them all. There’s good reason I live here! The cuisine is so diverse from state to state, that to pinpoint simply one Mexican flavor is difficult. Check out these regional dishes that leave hearts palpitating and taste buds over run with joy. […]

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5 Unique Hotels From Around the World

After a while, staying at the same old and traditional hotels can seem repetitive to the frequent traveler. What’s really unique anymore? Actually, quite a lot! I’ve culled together a guide to five unique hotels scattered around the globe. So read it, learn it, and don’t forget that getting a night there (and in every other hotel) doesn’t cost that much if you have some of these Priceline online discount codes too! Hey, we’re travelers. We all want discounts.  […]

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My Past Year, And What’s Next?

Again, I go silent. My excuse, if I have one, is I’ve been recharging. The holidays were a time to get back to a community of friends, get more in touch with goals I want to push forward for 2016, and quite honestly — figure out what I want to do with this blog. I’m slowly gathering energy again to devote more time to this blog, to write my heart out. According to numerology, my year is anahata — the year of being unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten. But I couldn’t have gotten here without all the things that happened last year. Take a stroll with me as I review the most memorable moments of 2015. […]

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Why Park City, Utah is My Next US Destination

I admit, it’s been a while since I visited the US. There are a few cities I’m keen to see in the next few years, such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Boston. But what some of you may not know is I LOVE film, and have thought seriously of attending the Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah, but the festival got bigger and bigger every year, which was a little intimidating. What with stars swirling all around and bigger films that got buzz, I kind of put off bothering with Sundance. But now I feel renewed energy to check out the festival, especially after reading about how diverse and interesting Park City, Utah is! Here are four ways I plan to make the most out of the Sundance Film Festival, despite not being an A-List celebrity: […]

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3 Sweet Spanish Cities Worth Visiting

Spain and I have such a love affair; it’s warm, the people are friendly, and the food, well the food is just cosmic. With so many different regions and cultures in just one country, which are the best cities to travel to? Here’s a quick city guide. […]

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Finding Solo Adventure in Peru

My advice to female solo travelers is to not be afraid of adventure. Yet, so many are. I’ve definitely had my share of adventures, like running with the bulls in Spain, hiking the Batad Rice Terraces in the Philippines, and skydiving in Prague. I’ve been asked about adventure for the ladies in Central/South America, and for me, the first place on my list (besides Brazil) is Peru. This country still has elements of off-beat and surprise, probably more than other over traveled countries like Costa Rica. (Though, don’t confuse my claim, Costa Rica is still beautiful.) To haul yourself to Peru, a lot of people do the chicken buses between Ecuador and Bolivia, but it’s a bit quicker to start your adventure trip by flying with LAN. There’s way more to Peru than Macchu Picchu, too. Like these four adventures! […]

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