Ultimate Things to Do in Virginia Beach

Winter is descending upon us, which means it’s time for travelers to flock to tropical destinations to escape freezing temperatures. If you’re looking for a local and more economical destination with views of the sea, Virginia Beach is an attractive vacation spot. It might be too chilly for any significant beach excursions, but this area has plenty of activities that don’t focus on the beach. Allow this guide to open your eyes to what else Virgina Beach has to offer. […]

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Fall Guide to New York City

As of May 2016, it’s been reported that over 50 million tourists visited New York City. The current mayor, Bill de Blasio, hopes to expand this number, by attracting “10 million more” by 2021. This iconic city holds a strong fascination for many visitors because of its vibrant energy, unique people, and world-famous landmarks. And according to the above-noted statistics, people are visiting in droves. New York is an exciting destination in any season of the year and since it’s now the fall season, I decided to cover the sights or cuisine I enjoy when New York starts to slip into shorter, colder days. I hope this guide will give you some sound ideas on where to stay in New York and what to do and eat. […]

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The Positive Side of Vacation Package Deals

If you’re a longtime reader of this site, you know that I tend to focus on independent travel. But the truth is there are many ways to have a great travel experience that doesn’t focus on hyper-adventure. Typical travelers only have about 10 days to spare in their busy lives, which could make a vacation package a smart choice. If you’re unaware what a vacation package is, it usually refers to researching for vacation deals that include the cost of a hotel, airfare, and even a rental car in one price. […]

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Travel Guide to Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers

Las Vegas has a larger-than-life reputation that's often portrayed in films and in the media as the casino mecca of the world. In the film "Ocean's Eleven," the portrayal of flashy wealth and high rollers makes Las Vegas alluring with the potential promise of winning thousands or millions of dollars by spending hours gambling in a [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Nashville

Nashville is a rollicking destination that's worth a visit, especially if you're a music fan. A good part of blues, rock, and country music originated from here and set ablaze the careers of many music stars. The city continues to serve as a source of creativity for many musicians trying to succeed, which makes Nashville a fun [...]

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Walking Las Ramblas of Barcelona: 7 Tips to Remember

Barcelona is becoming a top destination for female travelers who enjoy its cosmopolitan and effortlessly cool feeling , with its mix of high art and thriving energy. It is a mediterranean city, full of life and great food, where public transportation works well, the streets are clean, and locals are friendly, but respectful. […]

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