Once in a while, something tugs at you. The BootsnAll Indie Travel Project did just that.

For the entire month of November, BootsnAll has been posting concepts. Not just monosyllabic concepts, but those devoted to the enriching experiences that can be gained from traveling.

And BootsnAll wanted me to share one. Another chance to open my big mouth? Something I just can’t pass up.

Day #8’s concept stuck with me. Learn. We learn how to write and utter the alphabet at a young age. Yet, how does it benefit us? A barrel full. We are able to write words, which turn into sentences, which allow us to communicate. We can converse with people in our own language. We sound smart.

Learning reaps so many deep seeded benefits that we might only fathom them much later. It doesn’t matter if you embark on short or long jaunts. Benefits from traveling can come at anytime, for any duration.

There I was on holed up in my Saigon room trying to figure out what I’ve learned from travel. I already gave you a lady’s point of view, but a general one escaped me.

Then, like a hole in a dam, it suddenly came pouring out.

Travel has given me:

  1. Music lyrics.
  2. Tasting coffee.
  3. Silence.
  4. Noise.
  5. Health (even despite India).
  6. Time. Slowed down.
  7. Sadness.
  8. Joy.
  9. Passion.
  10. Indifference.
  11. Education.
  12. Wonder.
  13. Shock.
  14. Anti-aging properties (no shit).
  15. Sleep.
  16. Embracing the unknown.
  17. Exotic tastes on my tongue.
  18. Sunrises.
  19. Sunsets.
  20. Gratefulness.
  21. More questions.
  22. Laughter.
  23. Serendipity.
  24. Frustration.
  25. Patience.
  26. Tree watching.
  27. People watching.
  28. Not knowing what is going on half the time – loving and hating all at once
  29. Heartache.
  30. Everything.

Do tell, share your own list.

What has travel taught you?

Photo: Evil Yoda