I lay myself bare. Sometime ago I posted a message on Facebook that yes, my pack weighs 40 lbs. Many of you said, “TOO HEAVY!”

I have clear weaknesses that need to be rectified even after banning 90% of my possessions. Can you point them out?

Gasp! I require other items not pictured in the video:

  • SteriPEN.
  • Sleeping bag liner.
  • Doorstop.
  • Possible Pacsafe backpack and bag protector.
  • Sturdy windbreaker.
  • Hiking shorts (pockets).
  • Power converter.
  • Smartphone (switch out current phone).

A video introduction, pictures… be merciful.

Keep in mind, I am in Canada at the moment, so some of the rules are lax. Wayyy lax.

Offer your comments, I’ll offer a limp wristed defense.


Photo: 4BlueEyes