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Book of the Month: Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing

The good news: there’s a broad market for freelance writing. You can quit your day job and get paid for your writing skills. The sober news: how in the heck do you get started? Chris Guillebeau is on fire, has been for a long while. Right now he’s ripping through a nationwide book tour of his latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, documenting his quest to visit every country in the world and the lessons he learned along the way. He’s also the founder of  Unconventional Guides, which were designed to give people tools to create something for themselves or craft a life they want. Bluntly put, he hires smart writers to convey those ideas. His guide to freelance writing is no different. But whoah, wait… what about me? YES, I am also a freelance writer. I’ve done travel writing, copy writing, educational writing and creative writing. Things I promise to talk more about on this site and in my monthly newsletter. Right now my brain is lodged with finishing my book that I promised you a hundred years ago.. if you remember that? Anyway, enough about me. […]

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Book of the Month: Women on the Road

Do it while you’re young. Not IT. But it. Travel. I’ve come across a plethora of travel sites or news feeds devoted to this mantra. This really angers me. If I had believed that, I would of given up before I started. That’s why I was a happy chick when I got my hands on Women on the Road. Written by Leyla Giray Alyanak, this book speaks directly to women who don’t want to be quiet and demure after age 40. […]

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Book of the Month: How to Live a Life of Travel

“I’m gonna leave Canada, travel the world, have rich experiences and make friends from all four corners of the globe, and even make money at writing and creativity… OH, and then live in whatever country that strikes my fancy at the time.” BULLSHIT. If someone told me this five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed them for a second. Not one. I would have laughed, told them good luck (means, highly doubt it) and walked away from the interaction smiling smugly. But, it’s true. I’m now in Calgary having left Vancouver this past weekend and in another week I’ll be off again, with trips planned to Europe, then onwards to Central America (maybe a little South thrown in). I am doing it. I am traveling as a viable lifestyle. My European trip is chock full of friends that I’ve met through this blog or on social media — flesh and blood people that I will see, hug and hang out with. I make money at this lifestyle that I once feared, but wanted — through freelance writing, partnerships, teaching, speaking engagements and any entrepreneurial idea that bursts open, my bookstore being one. Just yesterday I had a conversation with my brother, when he finally told me that he’s proud of me. It felt so good to hear that. Then, I told him, “I don’t make as much money as I use to for sure, but I’m so much happier. I wake up wanting to work, to tackle the day. I get to write all day long, a gift I thought I’d never see.” His response? “I’m so happy that you are happy, sis.” […]

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Book of the Month: The Art of Solo Travel

I am in love with how Stephanie Lee opens The Art of Solo Travel by declaring what a solo traveler consists of: You’re fiercely independent. You’re determined and sometimes dead stubborn. You seek fulfilment through unconventional means. You’re tired of the rat-race. Money doesn’t motivate you very much. You like taking risks and have a thirst for the unknown. You have an impulsive streak. Is this you? Because it’s me, elbows to ass. […]

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Book of the Month: Go Girl Guides Thailand

I promised, didn’t I? A couple of weeks ago I launched my online bookstore with fanfare and fireworks, promising to focus on a book each month to tell you how it can benefit your life. This month’s feature is a guidebook for women, the Go Girl Guide to Thailand (GGG)! […]

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