Why Wild is Important for Every Woman Traveler

Wild. That’s what I called myself  in 2010 when I filled my cranberry red backpack to the brim, a one-way ticket to India burning in my hand. I am a restless soul that can’t be caged. A dragon longing to spread her wings, spew fire on the earth, to leave my mark — show I was here and existed… Burn trails; guzzle life until my belly is overfull; howl at the moon cresting against a starry night.  But I’m also a solo woman. One who received quizzical stares at an airport in Shanghai, the border officer interrogating me on why I was alone. Or when I walked on the side of the highway near Savarsai, India, being the only female foreigner within a 300 mile radius, to be stopped by a young couple asking me questions. Why aren’t you married? You are by yourself?  Why? Why? Why? […]

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Releasing Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Piro Beach was empty, but not silent. The darkness swallowed body and mind, until Manuel instructed us to turn on our headlamps. Our heaving breath was drowned out by the strong surf, roaring and crashing against the shore. The sand, in contrast, was soft and silky, sifting through my toes easily. Minutes before my feet were encased in rubber boots that scraped and pinched my big toes, but now free, I wiggled them, digging in the sand further. We all had to wear these boots, because when something is worth the journey, you walk miles to get there. We weaved through mucky paths and thick bush, crossed a river that weighed down my boots because water seeped in with alarming speed, only to navigate a muddy embankment, my boots squeaking from water and friction. Looming trees and engorged vines enveloped us, along with the dark. […]

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Tour Colombia, The Cool Way

When you think of Colombia, what comes to mind? Please don’t say cocaine and guns. You see, Colombia’s face has altered drastically in the last 10 years and travelers are flocking there in droves! Now that I’m in this part of the world, I am so keen to see everything and go everywhere, hopefully it happens. […]

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Via Rail Best Photos: Ontario

The journey began in the dark. Night had taken over Toronto. Black, all encompassing, a slithering cloud of sleep dust. Red lights flickered on, then off, and on again. I stirred, tilted my head and saw velocity. Felt its power. Twinkling dots, shadows, those tremors that rumble from deep in the earth and rise – swooping past my window. I was watching atoms split and merge together. So this is a Via Rail experience. The train rattled and I slept. A lurch woke me. I opened my eyes. We were in Ontario. […]

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Via Rail: The Train Stations

The Via Rail experience isn’t just about the scenery you see on board —  it’s also about the train stations too. If you haven’t done a Via Rail trip, how it works is your route will have certain designated stops, some are longer than others, a quick stop can be as short as 20 minutes, while a long stop can be anywhere from one to four hours. It also depends on the schedule. Freight trains take precedence (as Via Rail is owned by freight railways), so if they take a bit of time to pass by as the train waits on the track, then you might be behind by a few hours, which can alter the train station schedule. But don’t panic! A Via Rail trip is about the passing of moments, something I love about travel. Either way, I was delighted with discovering some of Canada’s history simply by stepping into a train station. It can happen just like that. […]

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Via Rail in Two Minutes

It’s not the container, but the voyage. That’s what a Via Rail trip is. Discovery. Magnitude. Pleasure. I’m proud of this one, included are some of those jaw dropping landscapes I promised a while ago. I could write more, weave elaborate descriptions, but truly, it’s best that you see for yourself. […]

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