Rebirth with Wildhearted Photographer Ashlie Woods

Before I sat down to write this post, I mused on the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, wondering if that could possibly apply here. It’s true that you haven’t seen my voice on here in over six months. Tumbling upon the shore of Playa del Carmen was not an accident, there was a clear intention of slowing down the crazy train of travel I was riding on, yet what I didn’t anticipate was a bonafide breakdown aka, a spiritual awakening (a term popularized by Brené Brown). It began in the spring of 2015, when I was faced with a depression so fierce, I escaped to remote Xcalak, with only a dog and the stars for solace. As time whittled away there, I felt stronger and stronger to finally face civilization again. […]

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Playa del Carmen, is it Paradise?

I made a grave mistake. The darkened highway suddenly burst with lights as the ADO bus barrelled towards the centre of Playa del Carmen. All that light made me cower. Popping sounds exploded in my eardrums before I realized it was music blaring from a store. I peered out the bus window, seeing too many brightly lit stores and people, moving swiftly down the paved sidewalks. After four months of existing in a silent world of star filled nights and empty beaches in Xcalak, this slice of civilization was frightening. There is comfort in solitude. I felt protected in the bubble of my routine that nobody could intrude on. […]

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My Past Year, And What’s Next?

Again, I go silent. My excuse, if I have one, is I’ve been recharging. The holidays were a time to get back to a community of friends, get more in touch with goals I want to push forward for 2016, and quite honestly — figure out what I want to do with this blog. I’m slowly gathering energy again to devote more time to this blog, to write my heart out. According to numerology, my year is anahata — the year of being unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten. But I couldn’t have gotten here without all the things that happened last year. Take a stroll with me as I review the most memorable moments of 2015. […]

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The Myths of Being a Woman Over 40 & Traveling

I’m writing this post for you. For every woman over 40 who’s sick of the lack of coverage we receive. Who rarely, if ever, is featured in an over 40 female travel blog list. Yet, the younger, female versions of us are repeatedly focused on in these lists. What makes me angriest about these disparities is that men in my age group DO receive accolades or are celebrated for their travel escapades. Where are our voices? We are also out here, traveling and making emboldened life choices. […]

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What is Nomadism?

I did the math in my head recently. Last year alone, I traveled through 14 countries. That’s fantastic! NOOOOO. That’s exhausting… This is the battle raging through my temporary state of split personality. One half of me knows that’s a triumph, to have seen even a fraction of that — wow! I know there are people out there who won’t even see one country in a year. I’m very grateful. The other half is really excited about buying a blender and sitting on my couch with a homemade smoothie (and margaritas). […]

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Tired of Being Nomadic…Tired of Travel

Yes, it’s me. I know, been a while since you heard solely my voice (other than last week). I’ve been living off grid in Mexico and stayed quiet. I’ve been sharing blog posts on destinations in partnership with Hipmunk and haven’t said a word. I’ve had a few guest writers take a spot here and there, yet where the hell have I been? Honestly, doing a lot of thinking. This past June, a significant anniversary passed by, I celebrated five years of travel. But I had zero desire to hold a party or blog about it. Why? Isn’t travel my whole identity on this blog? […]

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