Summer is Here! Time for Mexico!

It’s true that I’ve had a weird 2015 so far. But summer is coming and since leaving Nicaragua I’ve been trying my damnedest to look on the bright side. So, this summer I’m going OFF THE GRID. Really. Literally, I am. […]

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Depression in Central America

People assume a lot about me and jump to conclusions — sometimes they are right. Other times, grossly wrong. […]

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Coming Out of the Closet: I’m Size XX

“You are stronger than your muscles.” — Gloria Latham “Are you pregnant???” I swiftly looked down at my belly, where she was staring, dead centre at the hump where my abs were supposed to be. “Uh, no.” I knew there was a grimace on my face when I answered. But, I was getting fed up with cultural propriety. For several days, I tried to get use to these blunted questions in the Philippines. My brain reiterated that observational questions like this were not frowned upon, but my flabby stomach felt otherwise. I sucked it in — to minimize the scrutiny. After I left that country, I’d move onto the next one, innocently appearing at a store or a restaurant, to be met with the same bluntness. […]

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International Women’s Day: Female Trailblazers

I couldn’t let International Women’s Day pass without, well, talking about women. Particularly, I want to focus on five women who I’ve stalked, admired, salivated over, or just feel are plain awesome. My upbringing was bizarre enough that to compete with women never occurred to me until high school when Laura pretty-mean-girl nominated herself my torturer. She aptly pointed out I wasn’t thin enough, beautiful enough, nor smart enough to cut it at Saint Francis High School. Ohh, one more thing — I wasn’t Catholic enough either (my mommy was a Buddhist). Can I just say Catholicism wasn’t something I aspired to. I skipped mass all the time. Somehow I endured nasty Laura and other challenges to be right here, right now, writing these words. My mindset has always been to support other women, to celebrate our triumphs, to cry together when things turn to shit. I LOVE us. The one gleaming piece of knowledge I’ve come away with from my travels is women all over the planet still deserve more than what they’ve gotten. In the spirit of forgiveness towards Laura what’s-her-name, these five women are on my radar because they do things that we can all aspire to — whatever gender you are. […]

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It’s Okay to be Single

Panama’s Bocas del Toro is the only province in the entire country composed of islands (nine, to be exact). Located on the Caribbean side, it’s ingredients are simple: a bit of hedonism, pulsating music soaked in reggae or calypso beats, and water breaks worthy of world-class surfing. It’s been my temporary home for the past two months. It’s also full of men. Roving, seeking, and unafraid to engage. This is a surprise to me after living at a yoga resort with women in Costa Rica. I’ve been offered more dates in the last two months than I did in my entire two years in China. […]

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Blogstock: The World’s First Blogging Festival

“Welcome, do you want a black wristband?” I stumbled on that question, because isn’t this a blogging conference?? Not a music festival fuelled by alcohol and screaming music indie fans? Yes and no. In front of me was a large field in Elstree, UK littered with teepees, tents and barefooted bloggers tugging at the grass with their toes. Directly behind me were rows of erected tents, fresh from the box, ready to be invaded by threadbare sleeping bags and world weary backpacks. Where the hell was I? Silly woman, the world’s first blogging festival. […]

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