Costa Rica is Next & Why I Need It

My time in Europe has wound down and part of me is sad, but relieved. I know, a strange feeling to court, but this past summer was filled with back room dramas that I’m too exhausted to get into here. Two consistent things occur to me when ever I’m in Europe — how beautiful it is and how much bad karma it brings me. The other consistent thing is that no matter how foul my mood is, I always return to the beauty. I promise to provide some evidence of this beauty at a later date. I just finished a weekend at Blogstock. You might have read I was going and speaking about how to market a creative brand (oh, and make money on it). These things are always a whirlwind, but overall it was a great experience. I enjoyed the mix of bloggers from different sectors, whether fashion or food, and the overall community atmosphere. I’d much rather work with people, instead of against them. Speaking at Blogstock I also promise to publish my slides and the talk on Slideshare at a later date. Tonight is about preparation. I’m packing my bags once more, sweeping away the metaphorical cobwebs and tomorrow I will be flying across bodies of water again, this time my destination is Costa Rica. […]

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This is Blogstock

Don’t you love summer? It’s the season of barbecues, sticky skin from slathered sunscreen and condensation sliding down a beer bottle. It’s also the time of year to go camping. I personally haven’t camped in quite a while, but come August I’ll get my chance. From August 8th to 9th , 2014, I will be speaking once again (remember the first two occasions?) at the world’s first blogging festival! […]

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4 Years of Travel: What Has it Brought Me

It’s come full circle. There I was writing a freelance article when I realized that today marks 1, 460 days on the road. If you were here at the beginning, I did one post, the one that recounted the first year of this personal journey that suddenly became a public display. I opened up a vein to you and here we are again, four years later. I was sure I wouldn’t last this long. There were so many self doubting moments when I’d seriously ponder booking a ticket home and forgetting the whole thing. I had a good run, just pack it in. Ultimately my mind came up blank on what I’d exactly do if I came home, knowing that even at my darkest moments, I couldn’t go backwards. It was always about moving forwards. In that first anniversary post, I referred to the ‘shake and slap’ syndrome, the intense desire to wake up my life — so what is the shakedown after four years then? The same or amazingly different? […]

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Being Old in Travel

Have you ever tried to do yoga on a moving train?? I did, and sometimes knowing this is a miracle to me. That my body can still do these things. Another strange facet of being home, I’ve been gone so long that my friends have aged on me. They moan about creaks in their joints, a spastic knee here, a wrenched ankle there, that will never right itself. We don’t party as hard as we use to, usually sipping a chilled Pinot Gris and musing on past days, or talk in depth about aging parents. Then they reproduced. I finally have a bead on what many of them must have been like as children. Their spitting images are potty training or learning to ride a bike, and this leaves me in a state of fragile papyrus, about to crumble into fragmented bones. It’s come to that. Everyone is getting old, but so am I. It cleaves keenly when I’m staying at a youth hostel. Since when did hostels have the word ‘youth’ by the way? Isn’t that some major offence to the English comma? Inevitably at a youth hostel, the round table begins. When all the floppy haired boys and gleaming skinned girls state their ages, because it’s a fascinating subject at twenty-something. I’m 26 and ended up in this flea bag hostel in Peru! More beeeeers! When it’s my turn, and all those eyes with no laugh lines and wrinkles stare at me — I beg off, avoid the answer entirely. I know what they want to hear. 28. 32. Something that makes them feel relieved that nobody near their parents age is doing this. […]

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Keynote Speech: Women in Travel Summit

I didn’t know what to expect from the Women in Travel Summit this past weekend. It’s the first ever conference of its kind and on top of it, it was all on me to kick off the Summit. ME. My words had to be polished, inspirational and uplifting. The exact day of my keynote speech was Saturday, March 15th at 8:30 a.m. That date and time will forever be etched in my memory. […]

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Introducing The Nomadic Chick Bookstore!

This was always my dream. As an awkward, scarred teen trying to flee the gloom at home, I ran to the only place of refuge — my local library. My unwrinkled hands, still soft and supple with youth, use to skim across the spines of books, touch words that led to worlds. Older books were riddled with yellowed paper, worn from thumbprints and age. They always emitted an inescapable, pungent odour of vinegar, or sometimes the pages stuck together and the sweet smell of honey was left on my fingers. I escaped through books, unearthing romance, adventure and knowledge. Sped on magic carpets to India, England, France or Iran. Found solace through authors who wrote aching prose, digging under my skin, sometimes these writers rooted in my core, inducing the most volcanic belly laughs. Books have always been my friend and teacher. Before independent bookstores died a slow, agonizing death, I always dreamed of opening one to share that electricity a small girl of twelve felt, a girl who could barely reach the shelves, when she pulled her first adult sized book, agog at the lengthy string of letters and numbers on the spine, marvelling at the story’s description, impressed with the cover art. That drum of anticipation as the book is cracked to chapter one, the beginning of everything. […]

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