Who Designed Nomadic Chick?

It’s so true isn’t it? Choosing the right designer is like choosing a therapist. You’ll spill all your hopes, dreams and fears onto the lap of your designer — forge some kind of bond — otherwise, how you can you create something beautiful together? If the energy sucks, nothing happens. If their talent was a phoney sentence on their resume, your new spanking website is a dead fish, belly up. But the moment I saw Janelle Desrosiers’s work, I knew, she was the ONE. A bunch of you have already asked about Janelle, so I’m pleased as punch to feature her on the new site.  Janelle is a brand guru, a sharp business woman and a plus size model! (How cool is that? Very.) She’s happy to discuss how you can raise the bar of your brand and what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur. The name of her firm is Bloom & Brilliance, I can confirm, she totally brings it. Without anymore annoying introductions, here is Janelle! […]

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The New Nomadic Chick!

Here it is, my new site for you to feast your eyes on! This baby has been 6 months in the making, struggling back and forth with the right designers, until I found the lovely Janelle Desrosiers of Bloom and Brilliance. The Design Look I wanted to still capture that essence of gypsy blood that I falsely imagine I have with subtle tones and I think Janelle captured that feel beautifully. The look extends to all my social media profiles, so take a peep at the customized buttons Janelle designed. […]

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Being Unzen With China

4 years. This is the term of office for an American President. The length of time to complete a university degree. How long it takes after graduation to feel like an adult. And finally, 4 years is the expiry date on loving China. It started happening last spring when my friend David and I met for lunch. “You look bloody awful,” I exclaimed. […]

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Women In Travel Summit: My Next Speaking Stop

Your eyes don’t deceive you, this former stutterer is going to be a keynote speaker at the first ever female travel blogging conference! This is historic, epic, and I’m boiling over with excitement to be included in this. What is the Women in Travel Summit? The Women in Travel  Summit (WITS) is the brainchild of Beth Santos and her amazing team at Go Girl Travel Network — a community of 10,000 adventuring women that has grown from a website to meet ups scattered across Chicago, Boston, New York  and now, São Paulo, Brazil. Since Chicago was where it all began for Go Girl Travel Network, they are taking over the historic Palmer House HIlton for 3 days from March 14 to 16, 2014. I’m particularly zoned in on the Hilton because of it’s close proximity to sites like the Art institute and Millennium Park. […]

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Ripples of Change

A stone is hurled towards a still lake, when it lands, tiny ripples spread outwards, becoming echoes in the water, undulating and growing, until it finally fades and the water is inert again. So here I stand with another stone in my hand, measuring it’s weight and texture, figuring out how to angle my wrist best, in order to create stereophonic ripples, their echoes heard above the lake, pitching to the vast sky, and finally sinking into the streamlined wings of a bird. That’s how I felt about 2013. […]

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Asian Women’s Empowerment: An Unforgettable Experience

I’m still coming down from the rush of the Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWE). After months of building, days of creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation and rehearsing for hours on end, last weekend I flew to Kuala Lumpur to present my journey of solo travel to a rapt audience of other Asian women. They arrived from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, the US, Indonesia and Korea. The scope of the world hit all at once. I stood in the conference room of the 5 Elements Hotel and when a slide came up blank, so did my mind. Something had gone wrong with two of my slides. But then I recovered, and moved on. I began to share my story of travel and how it was clear that I shouldn’t destroy my seemingly perfect life for such uncertainty. What’s out there? Is this even a good idea? I could fail so badly, so miserably. I told them about having many factors against me, like being alone, middle aged and facing the disapproval of my family. The struggles with Asian women is adhering to the norms of society and family expectations. I shared my family woes, my mother’s expectations of me and how I eschewed tradition, but gained so much more. Despite all the factors that told me I should quit the idea of traveling alone, I chose to go solo anyway and didn’t look back. The benefits of solo travel have been enormous. How far my confidence and self-esteem expanded, that I learned tough but valuable lessons about the people and the cultures I visited. Though solo travel can be intimidating, what you create internally will stay with you forever. It’s worth it to go solo. I also wanted to give some practical ideas, so I laid out a few points and resources on how to begin the same kind of journey that I forged. […]

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