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Where Have I Been? Oh, a Little Place Called Costa Rica

I know, you’re probably wondering if I’m dead or alive. Sorry playahs, this gal has been joyfully dabbling in Costa Rica. It’s my third time returning to the land of “Pura Vida” and just when I assume I’ll get sick of it, this unique country always draws me in. The true reason I stepped back into Costa Rica was for another writer’s retreat in Puerto Viejo! Even though Leigh and I courted a smaller group this time, each woman brought so much to the table. A life well lived, full of wisdom, and the willingness to let us guide them for a brief seven days. […]

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Creative Revolution Retreats: November in Costa Rica!

You know about the yearly retreats that Leigh Shulman and I organize? Well, I’m heading to Costa Rica again in November! We’re going back to the same awesome resort, Samasati Nature Retreat, a jungle paradise that expands 250 acres, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 10 women are invited to join us from November 1-8, for 7-days of sisterhood and writing. […]

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Creative Revolution: What Can One Week of Writing Do?

“It was magical.” This phrase has been used and misused in a crapload of poorly written articles. But my week in Costa Rica really was magical. It seemed like I lost my mind — announcing that Leigh Shulman and I were launching a writer’s retreat for women only, to inspire them to get writing and believe in their damn selves. […]

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Moving Forward

“It is better to fail at your own dharma than to succeed at the dharma of another.”– Stephen Cope The canal is sparse today. I’m alone. I sit on a groove in the grass, thinking that my sit bones carved it, creating this space to dangle my feet. For once the sky is pale blue, instead of tinged with smoky grey and I tilt my chin to capture a warm kiss from the sun. I made mistakes. Pamplona was one. It wasn’t about conquering fear or proving a point, it was about meeting a man there. When you think it’s something, to be turned into something else. To walk away and be unloved once again. Then know he was never meant to. All along – a mess. A soft pink lotus skims the water, beckoning me to poke a foot in and touch its petals, tickling the sensitive area between my first and second toe. I exhale a laugh. It will bobble and weave, as though giggling along with me. […]

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