Welcome Video & Special Offer: Creative Revolution Retreats!

Things are heating up at Creative Revolution Retreats! If you recall I just launched my upcoming writer’s retreat two months ago, which happens to be set in Costa Rica. Leigh and I are generating a lot of interest and a few cool things are developing. Yeehaw, we’ve shot a welcome video to let people know what we are about and why our retreat is more than just a week’s vacation. Watch it till the end for the outtakes, my favorite part of the video actually! […]

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This is Blogstock

Don’t you love summer? It’s the season of barbecues, sticky skin from slathered sunscreen and condensation sliding down a beer bottle. It’s also the time of year to go camping. I personally haven’t camped in quite a while, but come August I’ll get my chance. From August 8th to 9th , 2014, I will be speaking once again (remember the first two occasions?) at the world’s first blogging festival! […]

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Introducing Creative Revolution Retreats! Join Us February 2015!

I’m beyond excited!! I’m proud to finally unveil our writer’s retreat location and details. Leigh and I had many sleepless nights crafting and creating the ultimate retreat. We are finally ready. Drum roll…! Creative Revolution Retreats When: February 3rd to the 10th, 2015 Where? Samasati Nature Retreat on the gorgeous Caribbean coast of Costa Rica What are we going to do? Spark Your Revolution! Creative Revolution Retreats Facebook Page View on the terrace at Samasati Nature Retreat This is the beginning of something amazing. Renewal always happens this way. Writing taught me to express myself. Writing gave me confidence. Travel and writing about it gave me my voice. Just¬†writing period told me that I’m a writer. […]

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Do You Want a Creative Revolution?

Remember when you were a scrappy, ambitious writer right after college? You smoked cigarillos to fight against mediocrity, began dressing in men’s clothing in tribute to George Eliot and tried to pen letters with Virginia Woolf’s style of wit, irony and beauty. Oh, you had plans. Ones that involved readings of your debut novel in a multi-level book store, the stature of Powell’s Books, even bigger — an international book signing tour. Italy, China, France — complete strangers rapt with your words, deafening applause as your sparrow’s voice dies with the last, delicious consonant. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Then pressure begins. The awfulness of student loans, that credit card bill, and your mom explicitly told you the other day that you have to move out, she plans to turn your childhood bedroom into a sewing room. She is nuts for quilting, not for your survival. […]

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Why I’m Not Writing a How-To Book

Oh, the questions. They just keep coming and coming. What is your book about, Jeannie?¬† A total, ultimate, complete guide to travel? EVERYTHING? With graphs! Charts! 3-D photos that require those blue and red glasses which will fall apart in the wash because you put em’ in your back pocket and shoot, they are made of cardboard. … And the pitter patter of time rolls on as silence descends. […]

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State of the Union: What the Heck Jeannie?

I want to thank you. For being patient. There’s been quite a few changes around here hasn’t there? Maybe… possibly… you’re toying with chucking me to the curb. First she redesigned the look of her site after 3 years. Suddenly she’s speaking in public? Gross. Now she’s opened a bookstore to empower women and crap. Ugh, what’s next? How else will she annoy her subscribers and followers? By bringing you more. […]

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