Worst Washroom of the Week

This week: Calgary, Alberta - Esso gas station Isn't it illegal to poke fun at a handicap stall? Haha, poke! I made a pun.

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Greyhound Politics

I have a confession - flying sucketh. That was my exact thought as I slip from my brother's loving hug and enter the Calgary Greyhound station at 11 pm. New flying regulations took the pleasure out of boarding an advanced technological bird that brings me to Toyko in 11 hours instead of none, which use [...]

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Calgary – The Photos

Calgary isn't all flat, here's proof!   [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157624272122033"]   July 2 is one day in Moosejaw, then  I'm off to Toronto for all of July! Happy Canada Day!!

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Roundup of Calgary, What’s Next?

Calgary has been nothing short of sleepy. The intention was always to land here and close up logistics. I've been spending quality time with my brother and mom. A slew of food excursions and mall outings piled on the calendar, among the pleasantries of daytime TV viewing. Who knew Oprah could be so enthralling again? [...]

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People, Not Places

As delayed flight #198 to Calgary finally touched the runway, my nerves steeled for the first leg of this trip. The facts. My brother is 5 years older than me. In our childhood, he use to purposely upset a crucial romantic scene between Barbie and Ken by pretending to be Godzilla, storming through to rain [...]

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Farewell Party & First 24 Hours in Calgary

As goodbyes go, my party exceeded expectations. Then again, one of my travel goals is to not have any. No waterfall of tears to report - just laughter, hugs and good times. As it should be. By 1:30 am I exited the party location a bit weary, but internally looking ahead. Saturday (June 5) morning [...]

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