Vancouver: You Make Me Brave

Messages on the boarded up windows of The Hudson Bay We left during second period, knowing the game was finished, that the Cup was lost. In hindsight, that might be considered strategic. Our mistake was staying downtown. I had taken Dylan, Lorna and Mark to one of my favorite restaurants on Robson, savoring [...]

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5 Places I Like to Eat in Vancouver

I am old. An imperfectly carved, ancient relic. It dawned on me I've lived in Vancouver just over 10 years, much longer on this earth. Which is why you should listen to me on where to eat. Respect your elders. 1.  The Reef - Carribbean I sometimes get my island fix at Riddim and Spice [...]

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Goodbye Vancouver, Hello World!

Today is my last in Vancouver. I spent ten years here, remember vividly the first day my boyfriend and I pulled up in a Budget van, dusty from prairie dirt, the windshield littered with bugs who met their demise. Aerial of Vancouver Our friend, Alanna had secured a sprawling 2 bedroom apartment in [...]

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What I’m Going to Miss About Vancouver

The parks. Queen Elizabeth in particular, since it's near my abode. I moved here last July, completely bereft to be away from English Bay, but found this gem. Affectionately referred to as "Little Mountain", this park wormed its way into my heart. Tell me fellow travelers, what do you miss about your hometown? Or maybe [...]

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