Vancouver Through Instagram and The Lens

Surreal is the only way to describe it. I’ve been in Vancouver for a month now and it’s been grey matter explosions all around, my brain simultaneously blown up by memory and reality. Total meltdown in technicolor mushroom clouds. In a positive way. Love is a strong word, I bid Vancouver goodbye for a reason and while I don’t see myself hunting for an apartment and going all cat spinster again by adopting 50, what’s taking hold are those sweet, hazy memories. Truly, wonderfully, Vancouver has seen me in so many phases. Miserable. Soaring to the skies. Ridiculously embarrassed. Triumphant. Whimsical. In lust. The city is an old shoe with a fresh shine. Over the past month, I tell ya, I’ve been busy. In a positive way. […]

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Via Rail in Two Minutes

It’s not the container, but the voyage. That’s what a Via Rail trip is. Discovery. Magnitude. Pleasure. I’m proud of this one, included are some of those jaw dropping landscapes I promised a while ago. I could write more, weave elaborate descriptions, but truly, it’s best that you see for yourself. […]

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The Via Rail Experience & Home

Home is a funny idea. What is it exactly? A place? A sensation? Possibly a complete narration of the mind. When I left the country where I was born, being in unfamiliar surroundings meant rebirth over and over again. You walk through a ring of fire and arrive to the other side, blemished a tiny bit, but doused in the baptist waters of renewal. Tackling that foreign pronunciation on your tongue, while the native food stings your taste buds. Oh, the smells! That always get me, those competing odours of a country that sometimes seem familiar but then don’t. So coming home (again, that word) was a doorway to old, yet new discoveries for me. I keep forgetting to wash my hands after using the restroom because with public toilets in China, there is no soap. Anywhere. Don’t panic! I do remember more often than not now. I keep forgetting to tip, so I seem like a jerk when I don’t. I started talking to myself out in the open the other day. It was a habit I fell into because nobody could understand me and I could get away with it in China. Not anymore, crazy bag lady. The cure I mentioned a while ago was Via Rail Canada. Lots of people don’t know what this train trip is about. Some people mistake it for a commuter trip or a waste of time. They’d rather take the bullet train in Japan. A Via Rail experience is a journey. It’s slow, considered. Meditative. On top of it, the journey continually offers some of the best views of Canada. I didn’t think it was going to be a life changing experience, but it kind of was. It was better than I expected and allowed me to acclimatize to this country I once called home and still do. […]

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Vancouver: You Make Me Brave

Messages on the boarded up windows of The Hudson Bay We left during second period, knowing the game was finished, that the Cup was lost. In hindsight, that might be considered strategic. Our mistake was staying downtown. I had taken Dylan, Lorna and Mark to one of my favorite restaurants on Robson, savoring [...]

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5 Places I Like to Eat in Vancouver

I am old. An imperfectly carved, ancient relic. It dawned on me I've lived in Vancouver just over 10 years, much longer on this earth. Which is why you should listen to me on where to eat. Respect your elders. 1.  The Reef - Carribbean I sometimes get my island fix at Riddim and Spice [...]

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Twas the Best Night in Halifax…

Twas the best night in Halifax, when all through the pub I met Candice and Cailin after catching some grub. The streets were on route to a Saturday night party, While conversation and drinks proved deliciously hearty. Halifax was originally an Acadian village; Till the English arrived bringing pain and some pillage. In time it [...]

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