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Seeing Prague by Ebike

Ebikes are the main mode of transportation in China. I bought one myself in September of 2012 and it’s the closest thing to a motorcycle that I will ever get. I’ve seen dogs in baskets, families of three, nuzzling couples and solo riders either whizzing beside me or directly towards me. Pray for me. That I don’t die. Before my recent purchase, ebikes were somewhat of a mystery to me. In Canada, they are considered greener, but sadly, freakin’ expensive! A mountain style-bike can start at $800 CDN, spiking upwards to $3,000 CDN for a motor scooter style. When truly, you can purchase a ‘beater’ car for $1,000. One that covers your head in inclement weather, plays Whitesnake and takes you places near or far. Based on those glaring pluses, an ebike loses its appeal. Global warming? It sucks to be you. […]

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Honoring the Dead: Sedlec Ossuary

Of all the experiences I wanted to take part in while visiting the Czech Republic, it had to be the Sedlec Ossuary (or Kostnice). Known to macabre seekers as the ‘Bone Church’, it’s a basement chapel in the Cemetery Church of All Saints. Worldwide it’s known for an unusual way of  honoring the dead – over 40,000 (some literature says 70,000) skeletons are artistically fashioned to adorn the interior of the chapel.  On full display. It can leave one rippling with shivers – even wondering how a single man’s imagination could drum up such visions. When it comes to sacred ground, it seems there are no limits. Window near entrance Sedlec is actually the name of a suburb in the small town of Kutná Hora. While it remains a tight knit population at about 20,000 citizens, it’s daily numbers can swell significantly due to the popularity of Sedlec Ossuary. Many recommend staying in the capital and making Sedlec Ossuary a day trip, but I was told by some insiders that staying in Kutná Hora overnight is worth consideration. Apparently both ends of town boast some beautiful architecture in Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. They are a sight to be seen at night as well. […]

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Skydiving in Prague

Most people who visit Prague are interested in the immense history of this charming city. Enthralled with structures like this: Which is understandable and holds my interest as well. Once in a while I seek out something different. When I found out a company called Sky Service offered tandem skydiving jumps, that inner voice told me to do it. Sometimes we simply have goals that we want to accomplish and I knew leaving this earth without skydiving just once would rack me with regret in old age. Nobody’s sole employment in old age should be regret. I wanted to know what it feels like to jump out of an airplane. […]

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