Traveler’s Bad Luck in 5 Easy Steps

#1 Sickness The tally: two bouts of traveler's diarrhea, one crater on my arm, pestilent boils on the back of my neck and face. When you own a travel website the worst thing you could do is rant about it zoned out on antibiotics. Oh wait, it's me and that's what I do. #2 Theft Do [...]

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Looking for Faith on Shiva Day

Sometimes I curse my curiosity. It's too easy to lounge alongside Russians clothed in ugly harem pants and embrace blissful ignorance. Western food and alcohol goodness are within reach. Whittling away time on  Baga Beach as touts hawk bracelets, manicures or ice cream is like sinking into quicksand. Slow and surprising. I had other things [...]

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When Sickness Makes You Weak Minded

I've been offline pretty much all week not because of good times and tequila shots. That should be the case. I'm in Baga Beach staying in a 3-bedroom villa and was psyched about hanging with Christine Gilbert. Instead of playing with her son Cole, I'm battling my second bout of traveler's diarrhea after narrowly recovering [...]

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