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When You Bleed, You Think About Life

Facing Truths “How long has this been going on?” I couldn’t see the doctor from my position, on my back, as light pierced my eyes. The only visible shape was the outline of her body, a white aura bleeding around her face. Just a disembodied voice tinged with disapproval. “Six days.” I lied. Maybe I [...]

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This is Why I Love Travel

Just met an amazing South African woman who is involved in education and community development. She’s helping disadvantaged women who normally work as domestic help in the townships by jump starting cottage industries in honey producing and crafts that sell in Switzerland. Her and her husband are buying a property to live in and want [...]

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Nearly Trampled at Ram Navami

No breathing room Yesterday began normal enough when I set out to visit my doctor in Delhi. I think his name is Shashi Mohan. See, I get them mixed up since I’ve seen five doctors in the last two months. Dr. Mohan’s office is way out in southeast Delhi, a stone’s throw away [...]

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Uh, I’m Sick So…

Okay, I'm officially bored. Delhi is an uncracked egg and all I can do is sit in my hotel room until staph from hell goes away. I saw Lodhi Gardens the other day, found a mall with Lush and The Body Shoppe (two in one!), but after a day of flying back and forth on [...]

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Photo Essay – New Delhi

The reason why I love cities are the stories they reveal. Everything from traffic patterns to public behavior or even utilitarian architecture forms a narrative. Delhi is the epicenter of India. It's home to diplomats, entombed kings and the average Indian trying to scrape a living. In terms of atmosphere, Delhi is a swirling tornado [...]

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When You’re Down, Someone Will Rescue You

I’m going to die here. Perish in a steamy room that smells like an open sewer, in a city planned by schizophrenics, in a hotel where the only scenery next door is a junkyard for defunct cars. I opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling fan whirring above. I survived SARS in Vietnam. I emerged [...]

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