Colors of the World: 10 Minutes with Gypsies

Have you ever had those moments when you finally let go and magic happens? I was a clenched anus of blockage. For two months and 28 days, my life was filled with adjustments upon adjustments. With four days to go on volunteering, that’s when I decided to climb a mountain. Er.. not exactly a mountain, [...]

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Colors of the World: Kavita Patil

"Since 2001." A serene smile lit her face as she said it. "You have been manager of Child Haven since then?" That smile again. "Yes, yes. Only me and 2 girls. When Prakash and I marry 10 children here. They cried at marriage time, asking where I go. We stay in village 1 night." "You [...]

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Puri, Puri in My Mouth

Bread is essential to daily meals in India. I've eaten them all: chapatti, roti and naan. But, how about puri? Not a standard dinner item, I've experienced its deliciousness at weddings, engagement parties or sometimes breakfast. Mostly though, it's served with pride at ceremonial events. Puri is a round, flat bread that puffs when cooked. [...]

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A Love Affair Ends

Dear Volunteering, Alas, all things have a natural end. I’m sorry it had to come to this, but our time is over. It’s a myth that love affairs are riddled with happiness. Sometimes, you nearly made me cry. On the good days, you had me grinning ear to ear. Despite our rocky time together, I’ll [...]

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What I Do All Day

When you’re volunteering overseas it’s the opposite of pleasure travel. I eat the food given to me, sit on freezing concrete and pace my time according to a schedule. Since I’m working at a home for children, everything centers around them. Wake up call is 5:30 or 6:00 am Yeah, fantastically early. Even in my [...]

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Coconut Chutney – Indian Holy Grail

It's no secret that I am violently in love with coconut, so when my volunteer host, Kavita presented me with homemade chutney at dinner one evening, I nearly fainted with joy. Is coconut better than sex? A close second. Chutneys are used as an accompaniment to the main meal. They can be wet or dry, [...]

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