Venice Stops Your Heart

I once read a TripAdvisor review about Venice. It said, “There’s nothing to do in Venice, except walk around.” This tourist was missing the point entirely. That is Venice, utterly and to it’s core. A breathing, organic, museum city. It’s the kind of place that shouldn’t have even existed when you break down how difficult it is to build on a lagoon and interconnect 118 small islands. Like¬†Amsterdam, many buildings were erected on wooden pylons which has its own challenges with rising water and rotting wood. “Venice is sinking” has been a term tossed around readily by the media, due to the constant shift of the sediments that many buildings sit on and that water I mentioned sadly keeps rising. So to urgently tell you to see Venice before it floats off to the Po River is not far from the mark. I compel you to stop fighting what some tourists call boredom or tourist traps and simply accept Venice for what it is. A fascinating, otherworldly experience. I kept imagining ancient times of men flourished in dress and flamboyancy, women asserting their sexuality and freedom in subtle and coquettish ways — my head swimming with bawdy festivals and lavishly adorned Venetian masks. […]