Amsterdam: What to Hit

Let’s talk about Amsterdam. I’d rather forget it after the entire city pissed me off last summer, but truth is people want sound advice on what to see or do there. And since I was there, it’s only fitting I be the one to tell you. A few of my friends are going to explore Europe this summer, so it’s time to release bitterness (ooh, those cranky locals) and show you a good time in Amsterdam. […]

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My House Sitting Nightmare: Learn From My Mistakes

This was a new discovery. I had no idea that fleas could live between sheets of plastic. Don’t they thrive on animal hosts, chew on the flesh of humans, but this? Oh, how life throws in surprises. Before we address fleas, let’s return to the beginning. I’m a single female traveler. I had two beautiful cats, one passed away, the other one I tearfully let go to live on an urban farm in exchange for this rich, exciting thing called travel. I’ve also cared for numerous dogs in my time. I rented apartments for years (also co-owned a condo with my sister and brother, though they lived here, I didn’t). I can clean, moderately cook and maintain a household. This is beginning to sound like my dating profile, but anyway… Now that I live this unusual, but sexy existence (have to keep up that illusion) I am always hunting for ways to travel creatively. […]

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