Toronto Subway vs Montreal Metro – A Comparison

If you're a Canadian, two major cities on everyone's lips are Toronto and Montreal. The two most populated cities in Canada boast extensive train systems, and yours truly had to navigate both on a daily basis. So, how do the two stack up? Access Toronto: While in Toronto, I stayed in two fairly densely populated [...]

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Worst Washroom of the Week

Maybe it's time to get travel insurance. Pitch black washrooms = accident potential = body parts plunged into icy cold toilets = ewwww. Thunder Bay, Ontario  

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10 Best Pictures of Toronto and Montreal

TORONTO 1. Toronto skyline 2.  Subway tunnel 3.  Crazy plant car, Kensington Market 4. Massey Hall 5. Royal Ontario Museum MONTREAL 1. Metro Station 2.  Notre Dame Basillica 3. Olympic Observatory 4. Notre Dame de Bon Secours 5. Row houses

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Of Love and Salsa (Toronto)

9:30 pm, couldn't bear sleeping. So, I walked, pounding the pavement. For a Monday, Yonge Street was a sleeping lion. Something brimming underneath the placid sheen. My West Coast friends call the face of Toronto corporate, an American wannabe, but I protested. "The village feel is here, alive and well!" My best friend grew silent [...]

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5 Best Eats in Toronto

Toronto is a multi-cultural hub of food. Traveling has pushed food to the forefront for me. I fantasize about it, and once in a while eat it. Check out my faves from the largest city in Canada. 1.  Seafood - Buster's Sea Cove Famous St. Lawrence Market is an international food explosion. When you enter the [...]

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Worst Washroom of the Week

You could eat off this floor. Toronto, Ontario

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