Panama City’s Street Art

Do you love street art? I do, and look for it everywhere I travel. In Panama City, you don’t have to search that hard. The historic area of Casco Viejo is easily walkable and full of artistic surprises. Scope around the main plaza where Iglesia de la Merced (church) is or zip down a shady street of crumbling colonial buildings and gems will pop out of nowhere. I found some of the best art at a parking lot wall for crikey sakes! There’s something wildly creative about street art. What does this art do, but give an immediate gut reaction? You love it, hate it, but one thing is for sure, street art is the best use of urban space I’ve ever seen. Panama City delivers! Just another aspect to this surprising city. […]

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Panama Canal: An Engineering Miracle

By all accounts, the Panama Canal should have never been built. In the early 19th century, it made sense to build a canal through Nicaragua and that almost happened, until the French decided to do it in Panama. Fresh off the Suez Canal accomplishment, the French mobilized quickly. Workers migrated to help build the canal, nine-tenths of them of Afro-Caribbean descent from the West Indies, along with local indigenous people. Manpower totalled to 40,000 workers. Yet, the French were simply not prepared for the hostile environment. Hundreds of workers died of yellow fever and malaria. Any efforts to stem the epidemic weren’t enough to eradicate the death toll. […]

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Panama City: A Total Surprise

Panama City. It’s modern. Sprawling. Audacious. Breathtaking. A city tethered to its colonial past, but focused on the future. I’d return in a heartbeat. […]

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My Favorite Sunsets in Panama

Why do we only pay attention to sunsets while on vacation? I think this is sad. When was the last time you looked up and really saw a sunset? I don’t mean briefly glancing as you punch in a text on your smartphone, but actually putting it down to watch muted changes in the sky? On a regular ol’ Monday? We don’t pause enough to reflect, or even worse, we ignore what’s relevant — like living in the moment. We are always obsessed with the past or ticking off what’s next. An ugly realization: sometimes a moment is all we have. […]

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