Object of My Desire

"You don't understand, I need that credit card back!!" I almost fell to my knees to pray to Allah, Goddess, anyone. Montreal, I really like you. It's been fun meeting new people and getting an invite to one of the coolest brewpubs in the city. You know what's wonderful about you? I'll walk past a [...]

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5 Best Eats in Montreal

It was touch and go with Montreal. I was stonewalled in areas like Frontenac or Old Montreal, wondering if I could take another limpy, fishy tasting cod fillet or tasteless salad. Realizing I was hanging in the wrong areas, this hungry traveler eventually found her treasures, and then some. 1. Poutine - La Banquise Several [...]

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Worst Washroom of the Week

Navigating the stairs of washroom doom? Not a sound idea... Montreal, Quebec

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Toronto Subway vs Montreal Metro – A Comparison

If you're a Canadian, two major cities on everyone's lips are Toronto and Montreal. The two most populated cities in Canada boast extensive train systems, and yours truly had to navigate both on a daily basis. So, how do the two stack up? Access Toronto: While in Toronto, I stayed in two fairly densely populated [...]

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When CouchSurfing Took My Innocence

Sometimes the unexpected is what the soul needs. Even a dose of fear. Everyone's first time is a trial in unknowable outcomes, an expectation of blissful happiness or gutter disappointment. I reserved judgment on mine when I knocked on Alain's door, encouraged by the "welcome" sign printed on white letter paper tacked to the mahogany [...]

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10 Best Pictures of Toronto and Montreal

TORONTO 1. Toronto skyline 2.  Subway tunnel 3.  Crazy plant car, Kensington Market 4. Massey Hall 5. Royal Ontario Museum MONTREAL 1. Metro Station 2.  Notre Dame Basillica 3. Olympic Observatory 4. Notre Dame de Bon Secours 5. Row houses

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