Short Term Accommodation in Pamplona

Did you know a reclusive, Swedish publisher has rented out Ernest Hemingway’s room at Hotel la Perla during the San Fermin fiesta until he’s a hundred years old? That is commitment. I hope he reaches that goal. So are many others when it comes to San Fermin. I’ve been asked time and again what the best method is for accommodation if attendance to a major festival is on your list of things to do before you die. Just last week I met a backpacker in Paris who decided to partake in the wild times at Pamplona and he ended up paying €50 per night. That’s because he went on a last minute whim. Don’t do that. Not with San Fermin. Many dedicated attenders plan a year in advance, I was unlucky to prepare six months in advance. We engaged in a partnership with Roomorama for a flat in the historic old town and with trepidation, I wondered how it might play out. San Fermin is a boisterous, intense experience, so I worried about the noise and the smells and the safety factors. Our cute, little flat was located near Calle Santo Domingo, by the old town walls, so we had a pleasant view. […]

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The Day I Ran with the Bulls in Pamplona

5:30 a.m.: Oneika’s alarm bellows, dragging me from the pits of darkness. Allowing my foggy mind to waken, I lay inert for a moment, processing the reason for such an early wake-up call. Today, we run with the bulls. 6:00 a.m.: The girls and I start to dress. We slide on our white pants, lace up our runners and tie red sashes round our waists. I tie my red bandanna firmly against my throat, for the day before a Japanese tourist was dragged when his bandanna was snagged by a horn. I turn to the girls and say, “Tie up everything tight. No loose shoelaces, sashes or bandannas.” Why do I always feel the need to play mother hen? Pretend to be brave? When deep down, I’m not positive of anything. 6:10 a.m.: We continue a conversation that we’ve been having for days now. Where to run. How. What’s best. We’ve received so many recommendations. The top of Estafeta. Fifty meters down Estefata. No, Telefonica, near the bullring. Yet, we all agreed that the last place we want to end up is the bullring. There’s a waft of fear about human pile-ups. Stupid people on the route. Nicole B. jokes about fearing other runners more than the bulls. A consensus is reached that we’ll go fifty meters down Estafeta, stick to the right hand side and try not to leap towards a bull. Secretly, I want to touch one. Part of me is emboldened after watching a bull run from a balcony the day before. I saw female corredors, more than I anticipated. It was reassuring. Balcony observers – about to watch me 6:15 a.m.: Nicole B. vocalizes her nervousness. How her stomach is doing flips. Do it or not do it? She states this is what she’s always like before doing something. I wonder, doing something this crazy, you mean? I tell her if she truly doesn’t want to run, don’t. It’s an individual decision. I feel the pressure. Mainly because I created this idea and backing out even in the face of a goring or injury isn’t an option. To prove my point, I am willing to go all the way. Oneika reconfirms our plans. She’s been such an interesting force during this trip. As we watched the full length of a bull run on television the day before, Oneika squealed with unchecked enthusiasm. It’s dramatic tension cycling through in three minutes, so who wouldn’t be enraptured? This morning she seems more sober – logical. Stick to the right, yes? She asks. Let’s not get near the bulls. I realize, she’s simultaneously adventurous, but intelligent about it. How I long to be like her. Instead of grossly impulsive. […]

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Watching a Bull Run at San Fermin in Pamplona

Waking before the dawn breaks. Fumbling in the dark for a set of white clothes that I wore the previous day. A day overflowing with pena bands marching merrily down the cobblestone streets, arousing shuffling feet and fervor. A day of water fights, sangria flowing down chins or splashing against the white canvas of clothes, staining them to a faded pink. A day of crowds jeering, spontaneous dancing and howling at the Pamplona moon that rises every night at ten. Come 11 pm at Ciudadela (Citadel), the old town walls that have remained erect for centuries is where countries compete at a fireworks competition. The night alight with colorful magic, streaking across the sky. A day of families. Dressing their children in San Fermin colours, pushing their strollers and swaying to live drummers or buying them helium balloons in happy, bold shapes. Days of laughter. Runners standing at ‘deadman’s corner’ As the darkness surrounded me, thoughts of mischief were a dull tin. Today, we would watch our first bull run, perhaps in some blind preparation for our own. In a confused flurry, the ladies flicked on lights and dressed hurriedly along with me. Street call to find our balcony spot was 6:45, yet like anything during San Fermin, bodies were already strewn in the old town – some beginning the party, others winding down. Washing the streets from previous night’s party Among the crowd, it was not difficult to spot corredors. Streams of men jumped up and down. Their limbs twitched like loosened electrical wires, hand gestures and mouths gesticulating rapidly. A few resembled freshly washed peaches – dewy and young, unaware of their possible fate with the bulls. […]

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I’m Alive and on TV!

It was the build up. And the planning for six months that brought us to the moment when the rockets went off and we had to avert bulls and intoxicated tourists and locals alike. Along with remaining upright. I'm brimming with stories, highlights, lowlights and all the drama you can muster in a tight three [...]

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Shots of Opening Day – San Fermin

This will be a quick and dirty post on opening day of San Fermin. The sedate streets of Pamplona turned into chaos starting at noon, when the rocket went off and everyone was sprayed with champagne, water or sangria. In between that chocolate or mustard powder was thrown in faces or at the blank canvas of a white shirt. The celebration and drinking began in earnest. Just a few shots for you. Quiet and sedate at first. Town hall before the madness begins. […]

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Confession: On Roomorama

Sometimes a blog is a confession. Intended or not. Writers spill their secrets, their darkest desires and ensnare you involuntarily into their web. So, here goes – in the depths of my heart – I’ve been cheating. On hostels. Don’t mistake me, I still love the devil-may-care attitude of hostels, the loads of multi-dimensional, sometimes bizarre people you encounter, the management’s admirable attempts at breakfasts you recall from home and the cheap beer easily attainable from a fridge. Just slip some dollars into a jar and let the drinking begin. But now, there’s room for another in my heart: Roomorama. Ever since I got the lucky chance to test drive some properties in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I’ve grown quite fond of you. See – I savor my alone time even more these days. Space for me to roll out my yoga mat. Snort with laughter at things I read or watch. Chat to my close friends back home with freedom to discuss my innermost thoughts without an audience. I was blind to the other side of the fence for too long. That short-term accommodation at times can appear more expensive, but it reaps so many benefits. I’ve touched on this in the past, somehow having your own room is so bloody relaxing. The solo female traveler can unclench – be flexible with her guard a little. Second confession: when researching accommodation options for San Fermin, I was worried. Although my timing of six months in advance seemed smart, hostels and hotels proved unforgiving. […]

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