Day 1 and 2 of UTC: Flamenco Dreams and Sleeper Cars

Bad luck.  I seriously had the strangest two days getting from Vancouver to Lisbon. Partly my fault, if truth be told. I really thought I had booked a Vancouver, BC train to Seattle, which was my reality, but reality reality told me I had booked a Vancouver, Washington train. Whoops. All that meant was it left me literally an hour or so to make it to Seatac and board my American Airlines (AA) flight to Dallas. Once to Dallas, I had a long stopover, and thought, hey – work time! I’ll get tons done. DFW doesn’t offer  wi-fi, unless you pay and the arctic air-conditioning nearly left my extremities unusable. The only way I could warm up was by going outside! Weirdness. After muttering expletives under my breath about the lack of wi-fi, I noticed an Ethernet outlet at the business work stations, so I caved in and bought an Ethernet  cable for the free hardwire Internet. It was glorious. Travelers – get one of these! But, no free wi-fi? Dallas, stop remaking the damn show and come back to the 21st century. By the time I hit London, I had planned to do some errands and pick up our Wi-Fi Pocket Devices courtesy of tep.  But, noooo, the universe had other plans for me. I went to grab my backpack and noticed the top compartment was gaping open, mocking me. They at least left me one item – a quick dry towel. I have no idea if I was officially robbed and should be enraged or it was simply an accident. Cynicism calls for the former, but nevertheless, I then had to stand in line at the AA baggage counter and complete a claim. Lost: Steripen, plus filter. A Kindle cord I bought for Michael (he asked me to), all my converter plugs, batteries… I could go on. So, baby travelers, take it from this baby traveler, always secure the top with a small padlock. Let’s call it done and luckily I can drink water from the tap in Europe, when I make it to Southeast Asia, I’ll worry about it then. Onwards! […]