June 2011


World of Beauty

You know what's stunning? The Reef, my favourite Caribbean restaurant in Vancouver has nearly 40 varieties of rum to choose from. Rums of different temperate, flavour and shade. Which is why I think Giulia Cimarosti's piece on the myraid ways women's beauty is seen through a worldview is important. Physical beauty moves us, compartimentalizes us, but [...]

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London Life is Beautiful

Appreciation of beauty is always surprising to me. That's exactly how I feel whenever I order a virgin Shirley Temple. How can something so non-alcoholic look so good? The shades of salmon meld so well into the meaty red at the bottom of a glass, where the ice sits and in turn buoys up those [...]

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Flow on Palawan Island

What are the chances of me ever drinking a Sex on the Beach? Limited. So, when the rare occasion came up to feature a story on the same subject and same locale as Jodi Ettenberg's from last week, I had to go for it. I mean, what are the chances? Thanks to Janet Brent for [...]

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Tissue Woman in the Philippines

I tend to crave comfort when my "friend" pays a visit. When I'm  grumpy, about ready to twist someone's head off, I turn to the occasional Baileys and coffee. This is out of sheer desperation. So, it's fitting to find out what Jodi Ettenberg did during her moment of desperation. Hopefully you immediately relate to [...]

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Chinese Puzzles Not So Puzzling After All

Every time I mention that aloe vera juice and vodka is one of my top drinks, the listener gasps with disbelief. Which conjures the question, how does a Saskatchewan farm girl end up married to a boy from China? Sometimes what shouldn't work together, does, flowing so well, that the skeptical eye readjusts. Love can [...]

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