Cheers to Summer Chick Tales 2011

It’s been a heady summer. Brimming over with reading, giggling and consumption of fermented beverages that caused me to giggle more. I drank red wine, the potion of seduction, while reading Serendipity in Sihanoukville. Elaine Thatcher convinced this skeptic that bar pickups can lead somewhere. Sally Thelen’s recounting of a date gone wrong in Osaka Fizzles Teriyaki Style left me passed out on tequila from laughter and exhaustion, the equivalent to fun in a glass. Oh, but the crashing part is never pretty. That was May. Then June came around and summer was at it’s beginning stages, so the party kept going. In the middle of swilling passion-fruit vodka, I applauded Giulia Cimarosti’s ode to aesethic diversity in World of Beauty. She left me beaming with pride and feeling gorgeous. I boldly broke two rules, because when under the influence of alcohol, I can’t be held accountable. 1.  Miz whiskey hater (me) tried a Manhattan! 2. I bended the rules from the editorial mandate and featured my friend, well-known blogger, speaker and marshmallow lover, Jodi Ettenberg. She regaled us with her tongue-in-cheek experience on her monthly friend in Tissue Woman in the Philippines. […]