I am elated to announce the loft bed sold! Here is the beast:

You have no idea, the trials I went through. Ad after ad, a fleeting promise when someone came to view it. Toying with me.

“Oh, it’s perfect. I love the wood. It’s a twin right?” Sister, the ad said double! Don’t you read English??

“I want it for my son’s room, and from the pics it looks spacious underneath.” So close.. yup, it’s ginormous – take it!

“Ohh, but it’s too large for his room.” Insert appropriate %*&@ here.

It can’t be that difficult to sell one item. Maybe it’s Vancouver, could be post-recession guilt to spend money. At this rate, I’ll be selling stuff from my hut in Goa.

Now I’m working on unloading an antique chair and an Asian inspired coffee table.


If you know anybody that adores ancient furniture drop me a line.

My life is composed of sale items now.

  • Books.
  • Clothes.
  • Couch.
  • Donate old computer.
  • Television and DVD player.

What’s most surprising is my emotional reaction as each piece departs. That antique chair, I use to fawn over it, couldn’t imagine parting with her. Today, my attitude altered to a nonchalant shrug. I can buy a new chair someday.  And why am I assigning gender labels to objects? Frankly, I never sat on the chair, it’s shoved in a corner, used primarily for storing books, bills and bags.

Each sale lightens my spirit, every cent earned leaves me tasting freedom. It’s nothing short of fantastic! If you’re currently undergoing a declutter, are you experiencing the same emotions? Tell me in the comments.