As of May 2016, it’s been reported that over 50 million tourists visited New York City. The current mayor, Bill de Blasio, hopes to expand this number, by attracting “10 million more” by 2021.

This iconic city holds a strong fascination for many visitors because of its vibrant energy, unique people, and world-famous landmarks. And according to the above-noted statistics, people are visiting in droves.

New York is an exciting destination in any season of the year and since it’s now the fall season, I decided to cover the sights or cuisine I enjoy when New York starts to slip into shorter, colder days.

I hope this guide will give you some sound ideas on where to stay in New York and what to do and eat.

The Best Areas


Photo via Flickr by Aurelien Guichard

How to determine which neighborhoods of New York are the best is a subjective topic for many visitors. I tend to look for location-friendly hotels because being able to walk to places in an acceptable amount of time and having easy access to food is important to me. My favorite neighborhoods are Times Square and Midtown West, and Midtown East and Murray Hill.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I spent a fruitful afternoon at “The Met” gawking at antiquities and the enduring artwork of classic painters. But it simply wasn’t long enough. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a delightful way to escape the chilly outdoors, but give yourself at least two to three days to see some vital wings of this museum.

Central Park

Even though fall has descended upon New York, Central Park is a highly recommended stop. Bundle up and as you walk through, the fall colors are quite breathtaking and worth photographing. You can take part in many tours covering various parts of the park — just look on the Central Park website for a list of tours. Don’t forget to do a dedicated search for the famous statues littered around the park, like Alice in Wonderland and William Shakespeare.

Food in New York City

The types of cuisine and amount you can find in New York is pretty staggering. I usually seek out cheap but delicious eats, because it’s easy to find economical food that satisfies the foodie in me. The main styles of food that I enjoy are Italian, Chinese, and American standards like fried chicken. I suggest hungrily combing over this terrific food guide by BuzzFeed to plan some food outings.


Brooklyn has undergone massive changes over the years, and the resulting gentrification rendered this area unrecognizable to me. However, this isn’t a negative point at all. The last time I walked the streets of Brooklyn, I felt like a wild-eyed explorer, discovering new spaces and landscapes. I love how Brooklyn has shaped in the last few years. Check out the neighborhood of Greenpoint, which has the most noticeable changes, in my opinion. This neighborhood boasts a bevy of new restaurants, flea markets, and great watering holes.

Enjoy my personal guide to this intriguing city.