As goodbyes go, my party exceeded expectations. Then again, one of my travel goals is to not have any.

No waterfall of tears to report – just laughter, hugs and good times. As it should be.

By 1:30 am I exited the party location a bit weary, but internally looking ahead.

Saturday (June 5) morning was a flurry of cat preparation as my brother graciously volunteered to care for Amelie. Clean litter box, right. Stuff cat into soft carrier, not so right. She was less than pleased to be trapped.

My sister picked me up – depositing me, the cat, Miz Chanel backpack, a ginormous litter box, and my laptop bag at Vancouver International Airport by 2:00 pm. Phew. First phase over.

What followed was a series of Jeannie foibles.

First, the flight to Calgary was delayed by 1 hour. Cat even more pissed. I brooked embarrassment, isn’t that a novice travel move? Tip: always check your flight before leaving for the airport.

Within 24 hours I:

  1. Brought down my brother’s gauzy curtains parting them in the middle of the night, because I prefer a little natural light filtering through. I swear, they weren’t properly installed on a curtain rod thingy. Not my fault!
  2. Plugged my brother’s toilet. He then tells me the toilet can only take 2 wads of toilet paper. So not my fault.
  3. Amelie’s litter box door unhinges, blocking the entrance, so she can’t relieve herself. She blew a number 2 in my brother’s walk in closet. Definitely her fault.
  4. Almost killed my brother accelerating through a yellow light, narrowly paying attention to a truck clearly braking immediately ahead of us. Pretty much my fault.

To sum up, CouchSurfing might renege my membership if this ever gets out, and always have a rocking party before departure. Aim for being in a hangover fuzz, it makes your stupidity tolerable.

Party spread

The baby I rented to make me look precious

My peeps!

Tocha, my bff

At Calgary Airport waiting out delayed flight