What’s closest to my heart is configuring words, allowing them to tumble upon the page. However, every so often I’m inspired to rely on my eye, instead of prose.

Here are some of my favorite images captured during my time in the Philippines.



Girl in town.

Rice terraces.


Boyhood in transportation.


Terraces at sunset.

Our guide in repose.

Reflections of light.


Dojo Beach.

Crystalline waters.


Kitty dozing.

Palm trees swaying.

Rice fields ablaze.

El Nido

Island hopping.

The three wisemen.

Rocky waters don’t detract from the beauty.

We dug for clams together.

Beach dogs.

Ready to sail.

My wish is this moves you, inspires you to visit the Philippines one day. It’s truly a diverse, breathtaking land full of memorable human beings.