We tend to be a lazy society, usually preferring to use an elevator, rather than take the stairs.

Yet that seems to change once we travel. There are so many amazing sites to see by climbing up. You get to stretch your legs in some parts of the world, and a the same time see some unexpected works of art! And the Travel Ticker team will prove that to you right away. I always love a good climb when I’m in a new place!

Below is a list of five cities with unique, colorful, and beautiful stairs that are worth taking. These stairs have become not only centers of attraction, but also political symbols as well, so they really are extraordinary and worth a separate visit.

Rainbow Stairway to Heaven

Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut can be proud of these stairs which are not only encompass the colors of the rainbow, but deserve to be in the record books. Half a kilometer of these ongoing series of steps is the longest in all the Middle East. Also, both sides the stairs are surrounded by plenty of small shops and houses painted with graffiti, so taking these stairs is a superb experience for sure.

After climbing up, you’ll find yourself in St. Nicholas church. We can only speculate that these stairs were the ones in the famous Led Zeppelin’s song, “Stairway to Heaven.”


Selaron Steps in Rio de Janeiro

The Selaron Stairs in Rio de Janeiro is not only a great example of beautiful street art, but also the symbol of the city.

A neat bit of trivia: music giants like U2 or Snoop Dog actually filmed their music videos here!

All 250 steps series are truly unique as well. All the steps are covered with ceramic tiles from more than 60 countries worldwide – so while you are there, try to find your country!

Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón, is the creator of these stairs and is still works on them from time to time, so if you visit more than once, try to spot the changes.

Piano Stairs

In the city of Valparaiso, Chile, you should not be afraid to get lost – even in the more remote streets, you can enjoy colorful buildings with unique pieces of art. But probably the coolest location for all tourists in this city are the Piano Stars.

Though stepping on them doesn’t actually produce any music, you’ll still have a lot of fun.

While taking these stairs don’t forget to look around and enjoy the great street art surrounding the stairs as well. And of course, don’t forget your camera go grab a lot of photos!


Artist Resting on the Stairs

South Korea’s capital city of Seoul is home to nearly 11 million people, so it is not surprising that there’s a thriving cultural life. Tons of theatre, concert halls, and museums are all that Seoul can offer for a the intrepid traveler.

At one of the most popular cultural spots in town – the musical theatre – you can take the stairs that is forever embossed with an impressive design. As you take the stairs to get to the stage, you’ll see an artist wearing a red traditional Korean costume painted elegantly onto the stairs.

Definitely stop here and snap photos even if you aren’t catching a show at the theatre.


The Stairs to Peace

Right now Syria is living through tragic times. This is also reflected in the street art. A few students called Jood, recently took the initiative and painted the Stairs of Peace, the longest staircase in their town.

These intricately colored stairs creates a three-dimensional illusion, meant to symbolize the complexity of the human spirit, enduring love and peace.

Hopefully one day everyone can enjoy both love and peace in Syria and invite others to visit the Stairs of Peace.